Hitman 2 live at gamescom


Oh, that’s interesting! If some opportunities could be done a bit differently wearing different disguises, it’d be truly amazing!


We really desperately ignored all opportunities the game tried to throw at us because we were interested into the mechanics, but as fas as I looked around many of the opportunities offer multiple way to do them. The game often hides duplications of the needed items at the other side of the map if you dont want to use the specific one you come across when following the opportunity.


Heey thats mean. Who wouldnt want me there


That sounds cool, it seems opportunities aren’t onedimensional like HITMAN 1…
But that last part doesn’t make it sound like something very impressive.


Well there is a limit how open you can make it. Some are also quite narrow. I find the most interesting stuff is what you can do aside of the opportunities anyway.


All the people who aren’t good enough, RIP, to go to your party.
There’s got to be at least one of us (spoiler, it’s me.)


Wasnt my party, was the criteria of IO :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right, it’s funnier to do some experimentation than to follow a specific list of actions, but still, it still would be nice to have some more interactive pre-made assasinations.


Ah, RIP I’m never gonna get to go.
Oh well, I’ll just look at all the pictures and sigh.



What a handsome bunch of lads


Well, Mooney says Forthe is King! :crown:


You should have invited me and my Friends today :wink: we were at gamescom and played pubg on a laggy xbox


We dont like pubg players sorry.

Also some big spoiler: hitman will get a battle royale mode


Well, pubg had the smallest queue and I think that says something about the game.


Looking through all the photos, looked a cracking couple of days! need to ensure I visit Gamescom at some stage, with it only being in Germany its a lot closer than the likes of E3! EGX for me next though!


Whaaaaaat? That’s awesome that you guys went. Any news on the scorecard/rating system after the mission?


there’s no info. they all said IO is keeping it a secret


What we found out: Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I’ve seen quite a few gameplay videos from Miami by now, but I haven’t been able to tell if there’s multiple ways up to the top floor of the Kronstadt/Expo building. All I’ve seen is the one staircase that is guarded at the top, and that feels way too linear if it’s the only one.

I am almost certain it’s not, since it would be subpar design, but I would be happy to hear from you guys if any of you know.

Edit: Just to be clear, I think some people have missed that there’s a floor above the android testing floor. It has a fairly large office. That is the top floor I’m referring to.