Hitman 2 live at gamescom


There is a way to climb up. Also I think there are two staircases if I am not mistaken.


Around 47:50 there is another staircase if that’s what you mean.


I don’t think it is. That’s one floor lower than what I am thinking about.


I vague remember there are actually three, one is the one you talked about, one is in the “maintenance area” and one staircase is in far left of the building that connects down to the security room in the parking lot (i still remember how surprised i was when i first saw this).


I think you are mixing up the floors. The staircase you are talking about goes from the security room in the parking lot up one flight to the maintenance area behind the exhibition hall and then up another flight to the first floor of the private area. @Kent was asking about the very top floor in the building and that staircase you mentioned terminates on the floor below. I believe that @Urben is correct: there are two staircases and one climbing place. However, there might be more climbing places that we never discovered.

The first staircase is the one with the security guard at the top which Kent mentioned and showed in the video clip.

The other staircase goes from the first floor private area up to the roof terrace (top floor): https://youtu.be/3HYT50dvSHM?t=6m47s
(I hope you don’t mind me using your video @Kotti.)

The climbing place is through the open window seen just before the 11 minute mark: https://youtu.be/3HYT50dvSHM?t=10m47s
(It’s the same video as above and at the time stamp I’ve used Kotti first comes down the stairs where the security guard previously stood.)


Now that I’ve seen more of the level I’m getting some hype for the game. The music really stands out to me.

—The instrument that comes in at 17:31 sounds very hitman-esque

this bit sounds slightly reminiscent of Contracts

the piano kind reminds me of the adverts they ran for Absolution


It is cool to see that you can snipe at the other cars on the track, and that they’re not just part of the scenery, as shown at around the 10 minute mark in this video.


If an item is thrown onto the track (like a mine), each car can interact with physically too, potentially moving it away from its original position. Basically, each of the cars are genuinely present in the game world.


I’ve heard IOI showed some small glimpse of a mission set in the jungle, at the end, but I can’t find any pictures or descriptions. Can you guys bring some light in the darkness? By the way, it’s great that IOI really wants to listen to their fans. It’s a brave move to invite people like us to a private test session, as they for sure have to know that guys like you are try to test anything possible and may tell the rest of us about. (As you already do.)


They were really happy to have us there and try their game aswell. They said it was so stressful for them to watch imcompetent press guys play their game haha


Haha. How are the guys as people by the way? I guess they have been pretty stressed at every move you guys did like “Hell please let us not forgett any bug or missing feature”. Oh, and did you or they mentioned the huge leak? I mean, that basically told us half the game, a half year before it comes out.


Io and wb guys were absolutely awesome, very funny and good drinkers. They didnt feel stressed at all, maybe slightly worried haha.

And no


Sorry if it’s been asked before, but in the footage you guys have posted on youtube it states that the demo you played was a ‘Pre-Beta Build’. Was there any indication from either IO or WB as to when or if a Beta would become available and whether it was going to be open to all or closed to particular pre-order customers or on a first-come-first-served basis?


Well, they had to be! Just imagine one of the team getting drunk and telling you everything. :smiley:


Beta does not indicate a public pre-release build in any way. Beta and alpha are used for both internal development with no public release and public beta and alpha releases.


Yeah that’s what I thought, that’s why I asked whether it had been indicated “if” a Beta would become available to the public.


I think I have found the third staircase which connect the helipad on the 3rd floor (look at the minimap).

To possibly the bridge connect the building to the stadium on the second floor.

And the 1st floor (look like it also connect to the basement)

I might be wrong though.


Interesting, indeed! Quite possibly too. However, if you go to about 44.05 in that video you’ll see the room that is behind the door in picture 3. There is a staircase in that room, but it goes down. There is also a lift shaft that must link with the blocked lift doors near picture 2.

This just makes me even more desperate to get into the game and explore, explore, explore. Even in the time we had there is so much left to discover.


From the leaks not only there is a photo of Robert Knox, there’s also a photo of Sierra Knox. Maybe there’s a way to make her go to the expo building.


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