Hitman 2 live at gamescom


These are dark times, my friend.


he is really good at human communication




I can’t believe they doesn’t choose you :slightly_frowning_face:


They never will. I pretty much don’t do live streamings to promote the game for free


You do make the most gifs though, maybe you just need to get famous as the guy with the guns!


Yeah, I’m sure you could produce some very interesting content based on Hitman’s weaponary. I’d happily watch you talking about the Silverballers for 20 minutes in incredible detail.


I am planning to do an introduction video when it’s done, showing my self, saying hi and explaining a bit.
But it will be for next year somewhere I hope at the beginning.

I really want to impress this time and I will wait to have something more to show than just the just.
It will be rather the Silverballer with the case replica or the SIlverballer with the snake statue replica.
For the moment my main focus is finishing the gun, but since it doesn’t depends on me with the times I just have to wait and wait.


Sounds like a plan. I must admit I’d love to try and make Youtube videos myself one day, but no idea how I’d go about it. I’d like to do video games reviews.

You should tweet that video to the IOI account when you eventually make it, I think you would bring an interesting perspective to the Hitman community.


Planning to publish my project on more websites like Reddit, airsoft forums, videogames forums, facebook groups and such.
I did send an email to IO with the link of the Mark 2. No reply what so ever.


I’m sure once you make it, there will be a lot more interest. Sometimes these things require perseverence.


He suspended? Why?