Hitman 2 live at gamescom


@Fortheseven Try to find me one of those damn IO bandanas that @Travis_IOI wouldn’t give me. I’ll pay you mate!


Congrats dudes! Have a great time!



We are going for dinner with wb and io guys in a bit. Tomorrow we get to play the new game, and vip party in the evening. Pics will follow


I don’t know if it’s a good idea. :smile:


I didn’t know Forthe was so tall.
At least, I’m assuming he’s tall and not everyone else is just very short.

They’re going to let you post pics? Party can’t be as exciting as I was hoping, then. :wink:


That is totally awesome @Fortheseven congrats to you and all the others! Very happy for you all :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait to see the pics, have fun guys!!


why would they invite someone that only whines and is probably going to smash something… smh


Have fun! Send pics!!


frote is more handsome than i expected. lol

and do not forget to check season 1 trick on hitman2.



Im Dutch, ofc im tall haha. As for the party, will be crazy :wink:


Lucky buggers. X20 :grinning:


I dunno, if you can post pix, how crazy can it really be?

Also I didn’t know you were dutch. So far I’d had you down to ‘not German.’ due to that convo we had earlier!


Hey @Fortheseven: just in case they are in doubt about it, convince them of keeping the customization of the different ammo for the sniper rifles. I already visualize the beauty of shockwave ammo for strategies and shenanigans.


Yeah… got this Red Wedding vibe, I wouldn’t eat/drink anything already opened. Such an easy way to get rid of your critics. :wink:

Not sure if the joke works with the people in question, been out of the loop for too long.


HNNNNNNG fiberwirebriefcaseanimationelevatorshumanshield


Have fun, guys!

@Fortheseven Just don’t forget your shinebox!


Euler already getting drunk. Guy cant handle his alcohol


Congrats dudes have fun post pics get rekt


Somehow, I had no doubts that you were you. Perfect fit of a voice to the body. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, so good to finally see masterminds behind the best contracts in Urben and Euler!

Don’t let him feel ostrafied by the guys!