Hitman 2 live at gamescom


Is it only the 4 of you there?
PS: That’s not how I was expecting you to look huehue
Btw, please ask if there will be a beta :slight_smile:



What a pretty area! I wish the hotels I stay at were so gorgeous.


@Euler13 looks exactly how I expected him to look like after I read his interview and saw he was a math teacher :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been wondering about that name. Checks out.

Also, I went back up, couldn’t remember which one he was, guessed, and was correct.

The most mathiest teacher.


Dinner time!




No bigmooney aswell, also several WB and IO guys. Really fun ppl:)


You mean THE Bigmooney06?? :scream:


Aye m8…


Now I’m glad I’m not there, because I would have been way too excited.


Did @Urben get his medal yet from there? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh oh we are Gonna do shots


Hi @Euler13 hi @Urben hi @frote hi @Kotti
Have a cold one for me, boys!




You on gamescom too?


Get them IOI and WB folks drunk so as to leak stuff !


Im working on it haha


Ok that makes his user name 10x cooler.


I have a feeling being here is the medal I was promised. :grin: