Hitman 2 live at gamescom


Ask them about the North American sub urbia level and North Sea level when they’re wasted. Those are the only ones that haven’t been leaked with exact details :laughing:


But they need to sober before November, because we need that briefcase animation!


Did not work, we are drunken instead!

Jk, we will have fun soon in any way, talking to IOI was already worth it. :v:


Almost time to play, 1h 20m! Hype hype


will you be able to upload your gameplay?


Wow this is so dope! Have fun guys! :smiley:


Nobody looks anything like I imagined. Urben isn’t a little green blob and Euler isn’t Agent 47.

I am disappoint.




Yes we will m8. We will get several opportunities to play


Will you stream it?


IOI: “So you can see the beautiful Miami vistas over here, in fact our artists painstakingly recreat–”
You guys: obsessively throws coins at NPCs to test NPC behavior
IOI: “Uh anyway, your targets are Robert and Sierra Knox, and the interesti–”
You guys: bumps into guards for the 1000th time to test head turning changes
IOI: “We would really appreciate it if you please followed the dem—”
You guys: “oh BTW, what ever happened the the Blackballer from the Beta? And human shields? And NPCs noticing bloodstains? And the the Lancer wallbang? And weapon custo–”



Id love to have him as a math teacher then, my last ones all sucked and didnt play videogames at all.


looking good bois


Unfortunately only I am :frowning_face:


North America suburb level Wait is that a thing?


It says so in the leak:


it’s still odd how they label it as a North Sea City and The Ark. it’s super vague, is it a boat or a city? i guess we’ll see


Dude, go to Doctor. Seriously.


“Is it a boat is it a city?” What if it is both, the perfect marriage of cruise ship level and typical Hitman level


I would like to go to events like E3 or GamesCom. If I can I’ll go next year. This year maybe I’ll go to Milan Games Week in october