Hitman 2 live at gamescom


This thread is my favorite ever since Season 2 got announced. I’m a sucker for inside things!


I like it.



@Urben drinks too much… do not let him keeping on it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s how he gets the ideas for his puzzle contracts.


A whole Hitman room :3


I knew it ! it’s his secret.



Wow @Urben with an EFF t-shirt, I love you even more m8 :heart:


You guys look so awesome there! :+1:


Damn I’m jealous, hope y’all are having great time!

Also I gotta say that I get surprised every time by the looks of HMF members.



Yeah, I would be surprised if @Vinnie_Sinistra revealed himself not looking like Vinnie Sinistra.


What did you expect us to look like


good looking



Oh shit, son. The savagery.

Also, image checks out.


He didn’t expect to see real hitman gods.


I haven’t really thought about that but I’ve still got a different image of you, hard to explain. :smiley: Also every time I find out what someone here looks like I’ll think of their faces when reading their posts lmao.


I think of their heights. So far, Forthe is king.


What other games are looking especially good at Gamescom?