Hitman 2 live at gamescom


Is there a place where everyone can play hitman 2 or is it just vip?


VIP and press only so far


Lol euler already started drinking again


not surprized


As a dane, I can imagine the guys from IoI not going easy on the drinks either?


We did lots of shots and beers with them, awesome guys




this is the real picture. i was actually on the photo.



The guy next to Euler and Clemens, is bigmooney ?


Yeah between euler and clemens is bigmooney:)


gg @Euler13

extra letters


Clemes made some more photos.



Just landed in Amsterdam. It was absolutely amazing guys!

Cant thank the IO guys enough. Awesome bunch of guys and great drinkers.

Was great seeing kotti again, aswell as meeting euler, urben and bigmooney. Really friendly bunch.

Hope you guys enjoyed this thread. I will have a stream on saturday talking about gamescom.

Xox frote


You know it baby :smirk:


I dunno, that pic with Mooney has knocked you to second place. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys should fight it out, there can only be one king!


I wasnt standing up fully, didnt want to hurt his ego :stuck_out_tongue:


Shots fired.

I just tagged both of you in a Twitter post. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re going to post here before you do the stream, yeah?


Yeah will announce a time, will most likely be saturday evening europe time


Didnt see a tweet btw


Video of @Fortheseven returning to us