Hitman 2 live at gamescom


I’ll be there when IOI will promote Hitman 3. This year it was impossible because I must study for an exam in september. But I want to partecipate next Hitman events

I’m not a great drinker. Hope to be welcome :smiley::joy::grin:

PS We should arrange a Hitman comunity day


Since i do leisure and event management, i could try to organise such an event if enough people are interested


I need to learn English more first, so we can communicate better after getting drunk. :rofl:


Have you spoken to @badeaguard about it?


Yo hablo algo español. Et je parle français.


So how do I get invited? If @Fortheseven can make it, does whining and insulting other members give me a change?

Kappa :joy:


It’d be quite fun to plan a holiday in Europe. July or the August is the time since a lot of people have summer vacations or holidays.


You have to be actually good at the game, so you prolly never get invited kappa


Hey, I’m willing to whine and insult other members if that works, too.

I could also just like, bring donuts.


Depends on what you call ‘good’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only reason IOI didn’t invite me was because they didn’t want me to figure out how to catapult Sierra’s car in the air to hit Robert in the other side of the map :smirk:


Theres also a battle axe in miami


Either speedrun or be creative with contracts kappa


So… I imagine noone managed to get Robert Knox shot by the android without using the military contractor disguise?
It seems like something that might be possible with the right distractions. Maybe even something that could be done SO.


It’s OK @Danger_dog_guy_7 we can have our own party!!!
It’ll say, “No Forthes Allowed” on the door.


They removed it??? Well, that’s an odd decision.


Euler and I tried to do that but it seems the moment you get there he comes to test the android and never goes there again after it. Probably you have to get him into lockdown to get the sabotaging done in time as you also have to lure two scientists and one to two guards away as well.


But what about the trigger where he speaks to you about how amazing the robot is and then offers to demonstrate? I doubt he’ll do anything of the sort when you’re in any other disguise.


Agreed. That’s why I mentioned the right distractions. If nothing else I assume something like Napoleon Blownaparte would do the trick.


He does one time (see spoiler in my reply) because there are technical problems with the robot he wants to discuss when the army guy is not around. Did not listen closely enough to give more details tho.