Hitman 2: Malus Necessarium Level Progression

What game is that ?


Oh wow that is a good catch if it turns out true.
That it is the last level I mean.

I’m not going to comment on this blasphemy :joy:




Is that the logo for the initial stages?
Haven’t seen the pictures of those posted here and I forgot all about them because I didn’t give them due notice at the time.

That Hitman insigna is a very nice reward. Can’t see it being topped by anything else really.

I wanted to do something special to mark your milestone, so I went about finding an appropriate reaction gif. Enjoy!

Semi-Official IOI Award for reaching 2250



Title of their new game => confirmed ?

There is definitively something special with the number 2250 found in their studio and now in malus necessarium level progression.

Children of the Planet 2250. Zero stars ? I do not know what that means

But thx @Travis_IOI


I might be reading too much into it, but 2250 was the year that James T Kirk entered Starfleet with the rank Ensign. This rank has no stars, followed by Lieutenant Junior Grade (still no stars) until reaching the rank of Lieutenant (one star).

IOI working on a new Star Trek game? :shushing_face:


The plot thickens…


The more I think about your message, the more I think it’s not a coincidence. You’re amazing @Euler13

I need to find who own the Star Trek IP in video game industry.


I believe they are held by Paramount. The last STAR TREK licenced video game was by Digital Extremes back in 2013 under Namco Bandai.

Pretty sure the rights would have lapsed years ago.


Evidently we have more levels


Levels 2286-2486

I suppose now it’s 5000 minimum. But likely we’ll have all the same pictures, but with different text

Here I gathered all the HITMAN Insignia badges



Now what should I do, congratulate you or delete the post because it is no longer on topic due the changed text? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, have you gotten any new badges lately? I’m really curious. Currently, I am at level 386. Long way to go.

Apparently there are no new badges.
They just repeating themselves just with other text.
Not Malus Necessarium, but Ius Obscurus.
Now at 2521 level I have the same badge as we have on 21st level.
If we have more than 5000 levels, on 5001 level we will have just the same badge as on 1st level, but with different label text.

As I can judge, we have 10 badges overall.
We have a new one every 250 levels


Ah, thanks for replying. Anyway, that is very impressive.

Without context, I’m not quite what this means. The most likely translation would be “Hidden Law”, but ius (or jus) can also mean “right” (as in the rights of a citizen) and obscurus can mean anything from hidden, unknown, or dark.

Also it should be malum necessarium because malus is the masculine ending, but the adjective necessarium is nominative neuter and requires malum.


I would say this phrase can be interpreted like ‘the law is not written for me’.
Or ‘I’m on the dark side of the law’.
Something like this

About this I wrote some time ago.
I think this phrase means ‘Skillful Assassin’

Eh? I hope you realise that these are Latin phrases. I’m certainly no expert in Latin and may have missed some subtlety with case endings, but how would you get “skillful assassin” from malum necessarium? That would be something like peritus sicarius.

I should also point out that ius is neuter and obscurus is specifically masculine nominative. So I believe it should be ius obscurum.