HITMAN 2 - Map Review (Gameplay Perspective)

Since i’ve finished max mastery on the final map today and speedran them all i thought it would be nice to share my initial thoughts on the maps with you guys.

Note: this is based on gameplay only, every other element does not impact the score.

Hawke’s Bay 6/10
While it’s a cute and fun level as a tutorial, we did not NEED a tutorial mission. We already had the best in the series with the first season. This does not affect the score however. Npc’s don’t spawn untill you trigger them, no contracts mode, only 1 exit, only 1 disguise, almost zero triggers and a cycle that does not repeat. All of this will ensure i will replay this one the least, and i rated it as weakest from the bunch.

Miami 9,5/10
What can i say. Impeccable level design: everything is very well connected, similar to how Paris was designed. Unlimited potential in contracts mode, awesome triggers, nice routes. A fine example of how a Hitman level should be.

Santa Fortuna 9/10
Only scoring lower than Miami because 2 targets have rather uninteresting routes. Otherwise amazing

Mumbai 9,5/10
Pretty much the same reasons as Miami, just in a different location and settings, and slightly bigger? The rating on this one can potentially drop: i am not sure yet how i feel about the Mahlstrom. The whole gameplay dynamic with the other assassin is simply brilliant however, i just love how much you can mix and match with that.

Whittleton Creek 9,5/10
Close to perfection. The ideal setting for a Hitman map in my eyes. Very delicate level design, and insane potential for contracts. Only downside: just 1 suit only starting location. Add another one and this would be my favorite map.

Isle of Sgail 7/10
Not a huge fan of the level layout. It’s not bad, but it’s not touching the level design of the previous 4 maps. Really happy that escorting the constant is optional, would have been a huge dealbreaker otherwise. Can’t really see this map shine in contracts like the other do either.

Overall: 4 top quality maps. 1 decent one, and 1 just above average. Comparing this to Season 1 i’d have to say that overall the maps have improved.

These are my initial thoughts after 1 week of playing. There is still much to discover, so these rating are very open to change.

Edit: for reference:
Top tier: Paris, Miami, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek
Excellent: Sapienza, Hokkaido, Santa Fortuna
Decent: Marrakesh, Bangkok, Isle of Sgail
Just above average: Hawke’s Bay, Colorado


Did you encounter glitches or inconsistent bugs in all these missions? If yes, how much did those detract from your ability to consistently do speedruns or overall gameplay experience?


Not much at all. They are from the same nature as previous season. It all feels a bit clunky at times though, like there is input lag.

The game could definitely use a little polish here and there, but that was to be expected

I’d rank Isle of Sgail way higher. I consider it one of the best missions in the entire series, and it is easily the best in Hitman 2. Music, disguises, environment are all A+, and the different ways you can assassinate the targets are awesome. It has that dark, gothic feel that has been missing from the series since Blood Money. I also appreciated how well the level was designed, and how it flows together. The only thing lacking are the targets themselves, who are a bit flat and one dimensional.

I’d say Colombia is more of a 7/10 for me. Too many guards, the targets are too isolated from one another and despite being massive, the map feels repetitive. Also the town/mansion are kind of bland.

Hawke’s Bay - 5/10

Very restrictive and small map and not much open ended design options. This level is terrible from the level design perspective but great in aesthetics - the weather, mansion’s look and Alma’s voice are my favorite things in this level.

Miami - 9/10

Amazing level design mixed with new and exciting gameplay elements like racing and being massive in size. Though I think it’s a little bit easy and obvious at times.

Colombia - 8/10

Can’t say I like the level design in this one. For example you can enter Martinez’s office just by going to the right and vaulting over the broken wall, same way with Rico’s mansion, just go over to the right side and there’s a conveniently placed vine you can climb on and get inside. It’s not as or difficult as in Mumbai where there’s hardly ever a case of just going to the side. The forest I found to be smaller than I expected too. The village is very well designed though and playing with the disguises is a ton of fun. Plus I personally love forest levels and the plot in this level was great. Overall I give it 8/10

Mumbai - 9.5/10

Apart from being super duper realistic in comparison to real life Mumbai, this level has imo the best level design in the entire game - my favorite moments while doing SaSO were -

  1. Using the ledge of the public bridge from a broken balcony/leaning thingy to bypass guards and access the tailor’s area of the slum
  2. Dropping down on the sewer and climbing on the other side of it to access Vanya’s studio.
  3. The design of the studio is brilliant, with the trains, foliage, climbing/vaulting and the roofs of the studio which you can vault to drop down on a train roof which is just behind Vanya’s place where she’s alone with no bodyguards. This was truly epic design and made me feel very proud of myself :smiley:
  4. The slum’s design was amazing, so much verticality and open endedness in so little space. Entering the crow’s hideout from the front entry wasn’t very creative as you just needed to go to the side and vault drop down but everything else was cleverly designed.
  5. Using the ledge by the small staircase(which is very hard to notice) and climb up from there into Crows hideout. Very hard to notice!
  6. Maelstrom’s house area is the most difficult one, so far I’ve found m founded just one way by the shooting the ladder.
  7. Dawood’s tower is brilliant and involves loads of climbing on ledges on the building and elevator shafts. I find it a little bit unrealistic but it is still no doubt amazing, especially the upper most roof/level which plays great music while you’re there(though I couldn’t find any gameplay use of it).

Easily my favorite level in the Hitman franchise as well as any game to date, well done IO devs :+1: 1:

Whittelton Creek - 9/10

Breath of fresh air from the big levels and has enormous amounts of detail and gameplay elements along with great level design. Janus’s house is my favorite location in the level. I find the clues thing very tedious and vaulting over most of the white fences is a little but too OP imo nonetheless but I had a blast with it.

Isle of Sgail
I’ve yet to compete this level even once as SASO seems very hard in this level. I’ll update it when I complete it tomorrow :smiley:

These maps are amazing and I’ll go as much to say they put S1 maps to shame which were already brilliant. Can’t wait to pour in hundreds of hours!


All perfect for me, on 12 location just Colorado is shitty.

Hawke’s Bay
I really want to like this map: the atmosphere and layout is amazing, but i can’t - it has a long target routine, a boring objective and you can’t even make contracts on it. 4/10, too much story.

Probably my second favorite map in this game, tied with Mumbai. It’s basically Showstopper 2.0, and Paris was my favorite mission in H6. It also (unsurprisingly) has a ton of potential targets for contracts, which is always good. 8/10.

I like the layout of the mansion and the village, but the drug lab is boring. I also don’t like the jungle setting, so i can’t enjoy it that much, despite it being a good map. 7/10.

Probably my second favorite map in this game, tied with Miami. Interesting targets, lots of contracts potential and kills by proxy are always fun. 8/10.

Whittelton Creek
My favorite map, by a large margin. Setting, targets, interesting kills - it has it all. It isn’t crowded like Mumbai or Miami, but i actually like that - it proves that even smaller maps have place in Hitman, as long as they are interesting. 10/10.

Isle of Sgail
Probably the most interesting map, but i still can’t navigate in it since i didn’t play it as much. In time it can probably become one of my favorites, but i get lost in it, so i can’t really rate it.

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Sgail very interesting map! I was afraid what my targets will walk on each of 8 floors but they moved only on 3 and 4

Hawkes Bay- I don’t mind it. I’d prefer if after you completed the mission once a second exit would be availible so I don’t have to go all the way to the back of the map and back. 5/10
Miami- I agree with others. It’s got a showstopper resemblence. I just wish for more creative kills. 8.5/10
Colombia- one of my favs. Jorge Franco is deffinatly one of my favorite targets. I like the referances to Fernando Delgado. Some of the kills are my favorite in Hitman 2.
Mumbai- I think it’s too big. A big map is always great, but I’ve been playing it alot and I still get lost. Dawood and Vanya are very well detailed mentally, I like their rival mission stories. Not a fan of the maelstrom though. 5/10
Whittleton Creek- Easily my favorite. Janus is my favorite target, I just wish like Colorado, you play it once and you don’t have to find the clues. I’d also prefer better mission stories. 9.7/10
Isle of Sgail- Great map, bad targets. I wish the Washingtons were better designed. I get that they’re twins, but why the same voice? Zoe is difficult in SASO for no reason, I’ve only found two chances; Dropping the cage on her, Freeze2244’s master SASO method. 5/10

TBH I think that even on a first playthrough there shouldn’t be a need to go to the boat. I’d love for Legacy Pack mk. II to add some way to exit with the cars if you pick up a set of keys somewhere