HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


I never ever understand this argument of ‘not knowing’ with the gold edition it’s effectively a ‘season pass’ they’ve listed what we’re going to get and we’ll get it, why should they reveal every last detail about it?


It’s listed everywhere, yet there are still the ones who are saying “Did I buy Gold only for a sniper map”


Does anyone know what exactly today’s patch changed? Just ET stuff or anything on top?


Exactly my point as well man, its clearly listed what we’ll get, what they didn’t state is when so how can people complain? there was no mention of us getting everything in expansion 1 at the same time.


Still hope we can get one H2 reskin with contracts mode before the exp 1 normal map


Hopefully Whitletton Creek, we never even got a escalation on it


I bought the GE so I could personally fund their expansion into Malmo


What they do with their money is neither here nor there. Well actually the money is most certainly in Zurich in all honesty.


I actually bought it because I was able to play the game early, having the expansions as well was a bonus at the time.


I bought it too for the preorder and I knew I was either way going to buy the expansion. Never bought a gold edition so fast before lol

I alao missed alot of H2016 content so didn’t want that to happen again


I’m not interested in Sniper Mode, I bought Gold Edition to have the fullest game I can get.
I was always confident Gold Edition is not exclusively about sniper and I will get some more additional extra-content aside it.
Maybe sometime I’ll decide to play SM and won’t have to pay more as I already payed the whole bill.
Something like this


Yes but you knew that a sniper map was coming? I’m sure there are more people in the same boat as you that don’t play sniper etc. but its just the way they’ve decided to release the content, i’m sure there are players that primarily play sniper and not necessarily the main story (possibly) so it works both ways.


Sure. And not only one


It’s one of those damned either way things for IO. Can’t outright promise things because, well… games development. But then people assume announcements equal promises somehow…

If people took the time to properly read and understand exactly what is stated, so much of this confusion, worry and misplaced anger could be avoided.


This so much! I rather have a proper full wetsuit with belt pouches. If IO probably saw the pleads for an unlock, I hope they see this too.


Here here I did the same


Precisely brother! Either way there will always be that small minority of people who have to complain


Ahhhh shoot. I hate to be a downer but I can’t believe I didn’t already know that the striker was an available unlock through an escalation…:expressionless: This makes the matador unlock a lot less exciting to me. So now we’re expecting a feather duster no one asked for and basically a re-skin of a gun we can already unlock… On top of that, no wet suit unlock for this ET. So the only thing I’m looking forward to now is the sniper map.


Well, this one’s mostly for Season 2 players. And it’s not that bad for Legacy players to unlock considering it’s not just a “Season 1 _____ with the signature hot pink MK2 look


Ok I’m getting a bit worried right now that we aren’t getting that many new ETs. Let’s assume there are 26 ETs like in the previous game. What if half of them are Legacy ETs? Others may like it but for me it would be a pretty big disappointment.