HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


I was hoping that with Legacy we’d be getting 2 ETs a month, but it looks like at best we’re barely getting 1.5 a month (aka 3 every 2 months). We’re now getting less H2 ETs each month than when the game launched. Lets see if they stop getting delays for future ETs, that would help make the rate a bit better.


It is possible that in one of the months we’ll get 2 H2 ETs and 1 Legacy ET. 3 in a total.
Or we’ll get 2 H2 ETs in one month because we didn’t kill anyone new in Feb.
Some kind of compensation possible I think


In H2016, sign suit with gloves required 13 passed ETs, which is half of total 26 ETs.
In H2, casual undercover requires 15 passed ETs, so there would be at least ~30 ETs. But we already have 2 Legacy ETs, and there would be at least 4 more in Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok and Colorado, in order to unlock suits. What do you think?



I suspect the reason they’re dragging things out is so that they don’t have a “gap year” with no content to fill it with. It’s the reason H2016 had reactivated ETs - because they decided not to release H2 episodically, but had already exhausted all the escalations and ETs they had planned to release for H2016.

They’ll be ensuring that they have content to rely on right up until HITMAN 3.


Are we getting an SA tracker, or has that whole idea been voted down? Without that, I won’t be getting SA much, if at all.


Some have it by mistake of IO, it is still being worked on.


Hello guys!

March Roadmap announces a Month full of content :slight_smile:


The amazing Matador is finally unlockable yeah!!
Thanks guys :+1:


Glad to see an Elusive Target in Hawke’s Bay!!
That level deserves so much more content…

Too bad we coudn’t unlock (yet?) the awesome Tactical Suit :confused:


Anyway thanks again for bringing back Season 1 E.T.s :+1:

Gives us a new opportunity to kill the target differently, but also unlock more suits than ever on any Hitman game :heart:


Also thanks for keeping the effort on upgrading and improving the game.
There’s still so much work to do, keep it up guys!! :+1:

Cheers :blush:


I appreciate the enthusiasm but… We already know of this…


Please don’t fall back into old patterns with lenghty picture-heavy posts. We (well many) are all quite happy with this month’s content especially if the patch turns out good. :wink:


I think Ghost Mode worked quite well in Miami, as the environment is quite conducive to a faster paced experience, but I can’t help but feel it will clash with the atmosphere of maps like Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, and Whittleton Creek. Some of the s1 maps also seem a little too large to manically run around like that. I’ll reserve judgment, but if it doesn’t end up coming to all the maps I won’t be the slightest bit disappointed.

I"m also unsure why there are already so many firearms in the game and why people want more. I never use 97% of them. Do people really play loud and lethal that much?


Ghost Mode is an interesting approach to the Hitman Multiplayer but too much competitive in my taste :confused:

I hope that the rules can be tweakable in the future so we can take our time during matches instead of constantly rushing everywhere :+1:


Worst part about ghost mode is that it rewards rushed and sloppy gameplay while punishing players that try to go for silent assassin.


Yeah, exactly. I actually enjoy it much more when I play against a bad player - not because I win more, but because I can have the slow and deliberate experience I come to this game for.


What time zone are you in? GMT+72?


updates on gold edition


We already have a sniper map coming on the way, and missions need some time be created and well made. Plus, the priority should be on fixing the bugs instead of making content that is hindered by the broken nature of the game.


I’m already burnt out on the game really, so any kind of new level or mission is a welcome addition


howabout fixing the sniper mechanics already?

I shoot dood from 50m with silenced pistol - crickets

I shoot same dood from same distance (and greater) with silenced sniper rifle, all guards instantly snap on my position.

When assassin whos scope u fix, uses his rifle to take out your target in mumbai mission, nobody gets alerted. THAT is how silenced sinpers should work. realism or not. This is about consistent ingame logic.

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Here is a good idea.

Sniper Assassin Character’s utilized in a multiplayer mode, but rather then it playing like ghost mode it play’s like a normal Hitman level, but it’s difficulty is harder to counteract the idea of two conscious players and you have more then 3 target.

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Maybe losing Silent Assassin should mean the player loses or restarts? That way both players are always going for SA? Could be a terrible idea. I dunno because I haven’t even tried ghost mode yet.