HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


That wouldn’t work. Nobody would complete a game. Ever.


Like I said, could be a terrible idea since I haven’t actually tried ghost mode myself. Thanks for clearing that up. :joy:


Here is what I think would be a good system.
Lets say you need 10,000 points to win.
You get 1000 points for killing a target, but there would be multipliers.
500 extra points for suit only, another 1000 points for maintaining SA, etc
This would give incentive and reward high skill kills, while someone who isn’t playing professionally would receive the minimum amount of points for the kill.


Actually not an awful idea; and obviously you’d lose points for non-target kills etc


I don’t like this system, could be used for a different mode, but current mode is better (obviously not with the bugs.) This system is going to be very annoying as it will be very restrictive on the types of kills to do and the overall flow of the run would be pretty bad as it doesn’t allow much creativity.


I know this might come across as a bit whiny, but I was rather hoping that each expansion would have all their content released at the same time, rather than in bits and pieces. I guess this also potentially means further down the line, we might see bonus missions released by themselves too?

I dunno, I guess I was just hoping for a satisfying DLC release to feel like old time expansion packs rather than modern DLC. It also feels odd in a sense to have 2 DLC packs but like a quarter of one DLC pack will be out but we have to wait for the other bits of it to arrive? I can’t help but think in that kind of way, it seems convuluted.

I am nitpicking. Otherwise everything else looks great, and I think I’m going to submit a contract.


I’d like a Silenced Bartoli (read: Silenced Beretta Cougar).


I kind of feel the same way, but I think IO probably doesn’t want to wait such a long time for everything to be finished and then release it. I’m guessing we won’t have the full Expansion 1 until this summer (I expect by June). This way helps keep players interested and busy with more things to do rather than just Elusive Targets and Escalations.

However, the way IO is doing it is clearly another decision that’s just confusing buyers. Yes, a lot of people are surprisingly blind and didn’t read into what they were buying, but they at least know that they’re getting a new location and some missions. The Sniper Maps may have flown over some people’s heads (despite how popular I hear it is, I really don’t think it’s played as much as the main game). With the release of a new Sniper map, it seems that people now think that the “new location/mission” is the Sniper Map. They paid for that extra HITMAN content, they see a “BIG NEW MISSION” in the roadmap, yet they unfortunately fail to realise that they’re still being drip-fed content and the stuff they’re looking for is probably at the end of the list.

EDIT: Oh jeez. Sorry for the block of text.


As someone who really liked the episodic release of season 1, I like that they’re doling the expansion stuff out slowly and filling in the gaps with escalations, elusives and featured contracts.


Based on other comments (and I can’t believe I’m writing this), maybe Absolution’s scoring system should be implemented…? Perhaps a reimagined version but using the same basis…? For example, you gain points for hiding bodies (but you don’t lose points if you leave them unhidden like in Absolution). Thoughts?


Kinda like it, but some things should change. Things like pacifying NPCs should definitely not subtract points, and I feel hiding bodies for extra points can be annoying in situations where you use an accident kill and everyone sees it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see it being a great idea, but it would definitely have to be polished a bit.


Undying’s pistol from briefing looks like the silenced thing.


Yeah Mark Faba’s “Modded Freelance Pistol” would make for a nice unlockable.

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That would be nice too. I just want more variety with my gunplay so I can pick and choose which pistols I want.

  • Unsilenced ICA19/Silverballer
  • Silenced Bartoli (preferably if the model is a dark texture)
  • Hackel with Shock Cartridges (let’s be honest with each other this would be nice)
  • SHOTGUNS! (Literally, I’ll take anything since we lack shotgun variety, but a double barrel would be pretty nice)
  • Blood Money MP5 (self-explanatory the customizable MP5 from Blood Money with IO selecting what attachments will be on it… Maybe a community poll???)


Except Absolutions scoring system wasn’t that good, I’d rather have an overhauled Blood Money system than anything.


No shade towards you personally but I’m getting really annoyed with people saying they want everything from Blood Money.

I mean, they re-released it. People can play Blood Money if they want to play Blood Money.

Surely people can appreciate the fact that that would require a rather large overhaul that just isn’t feasible.


I list a couple of guns from our little PREDATOR Challenge Pack discussion… You might also like a couple of them. :slight_smile:


It’s not necessarily me wanting “everything” I’m simply providing what would be nice to see. Unfortunately, I can’t say “MP5” because it was in Contracts (if I remember correctly) and BM. Since BM version would be the more favorable option I went towards that version of the weapon.

I should probably provide clarity that this is simply me wishing for more weapon variety among the classes not so much me wanting “Anthology” content because trust me if I wanted anything from old Hitman Games I would want them to remake ANYTHING I’d want the levels featured in the “Legacy Cutscene” rather then any guns.


The only downside I see to that concept is Licensing. I say this, especially since whoever owns the Predator IP is probably bounded by contracts with Ubisoft since they had some of that stuff listed in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


Except IOI announced it already…

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