HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


But is it associated with The PREDATOR IP?


If they’ve advertised it then there’s no reason why it wont come?


It’s one of those situations where they probably should tell us if it’s associated with the Predator IP. The word Predator, in general, can mean a slew of things. For all, I know we could be getting a Catsuit, but I wouldn’t complain…


The MP5 was not in Contracts. Contracts had the MP9 (no relation) and the Para AUG.

I think it would be the other way round. Ubisoft was bound by the contract, not the owners of the Predator IP. They can do whatever they like with it.


What other Predator could it be?


Or this?


Turns out it actually means it’s a sex-offender themed challenge pack; and 47 goes by the alias Tobias Raper.


Just gotta wait until he comes back again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i mean he’s literally called the ‘undying’, guys, if he don’t come back imma yeet myself over the edge of the louvre


Jesus Christ! :joy: THAT would get it some fucking press!


I see they are tapping into 47’s post Absolution years where he accidentally touched Victoria







See he gets the point


One more and that’s SIX! Season 3 targets confirmed!
And this one would finally allow us to break into a giant prison map! :stuck_out_tongue:


The Sarajevo Six really let themselves go


Okay, real shit, I just laughed so hard that I farted.


Did you also peed and shid and camed?


You just went full 47 on the joke, my dude.


I’m really looking forward to that escalation in Colombia. As soon as I stumbled upon that torture room I thought it would make a fun starting location.
I like when they add new little things like that for the escalations