HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


Anyone know what time we can expect the challenge pack tomorrow? GMT?


Content drops at 13:00 GMT usually.


what about regular time? that’s not, like, military time or something lmao


Regular time? That’d be afternoon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Spoken like a true civvie :smirk:

spent 6 months in the Army Cadets :joy:


Even though I’m never able to play new content right when it comes out, I’m still done with it an hour after school gets out. I need to save some of this stuff for later.


@immadummee47 it seems that the feather duster throws a bit faster than other throwables


And it’s extremely silent to KO someone from behind, similar to the fish.


Placebo. Probably just because the way it spins and it gets thrown. All items throw the same speed based on the animation it needs. Eg. Wrench throws just as fast as duster. Everything I throw is like a rocket, even the briefcase. Season one had some differentiation between some items, now there’s a lot less.

Same as baton/wrench/crystal ball. What mode are you playing, master or pro? Noise has been watered down extensively in this game compared to last. Items seems to have less uniqueness compared to season one.


Did some more testing and you are right. Damn. Why to make every single melee so quiet? Hopefully this will get reverted to the state it was in S1.


perhaps, but i tested this from the Ninja starting location in Hokkaido. i locked onto the Gardeners below the cliff. i tried the duster and the baton, and it seemed that the duster hit them quite faster


Well I guess then go off of that. :man_shrugging:
But do you think that’s a good way to test it? How often would you throw something downwards? When I tried, I didn’t see any difference. Could be just the way the thing flings and spins. If you see the difference, more power to you. :+1:


Would trade that duster for good old masamune from Hm2016…


All fun and games but I’m never gonna use that feather duster now I’ve unlocked it. It’s useless, you can find an item with the same use on litterly every point of any map. It looks odd, that’s what makes it special, but it does the same like a hammer, fish or crystal ball. Pretty useless item tbh, looking more forward to El Matadore. I know it’s just a reskin of the Striker, but it looks cooler so I’ll actually use it.



I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who use Twitter for sharing things like this for those of us who can’t fucking stand Social Media. You’re doing the lord’s work! :+1::clap:


Ok, I’ll be pleased if multiplayer challenges will be separated from main missions despite I play Ghost Mode anyway


I would like very much. I really don’t like multiplayer, so I don’t want to be forced to do it to complete challenges. Specially if they extend Ghost Mode to other maps


Yeah I was gonna say, if Ghost mode is put on other maps, they gotta separate the challenges, surely


Unless they separate the challenges and still don’t add any maps. :rofl:

kill me