HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


I would be very surprised tbh


Nitroglycerin unlock in April pls


I’m guessing it’s going to be the two captains and colonel guy from the leak.


I mean death by one shot is much more faster and painless, then if you make your victim a colander

Just kidding, don’t take it too serious; just in case


I know :laughing: just I like my Silent Assassins.


I agree. I like this roadmap format (first highly detailed roadmap appeared in May 2018 after @Clemens_IOI addition in community team : https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-may-roadmap/)

Keep up the good work IOI !

Our ambition with the roadmap posts going forward is that they include everything that’s going on regarding Hitman and that you get them very early in the month. We’ve redesigned them to include more information and be easier to read. Be sure to tell us what you think about the new format and bring your comments and suggestions on Twitter.


SNIPER MAP!!! YES YES!!! The first map was awesome, can’t wait to see this one :heart_eyes:


Great roadmap, exciting stuff! Sorry for my ignorance, but are challenge packs and escalations time limited? IE are they only here for this month?


No. They stay for good


Fantastic roadmap, loads of unlocks and a sniper map, I’m excited. :slight_smile:


Probably. but I was wondering where those two guys with bags over their heads would end up. If it’s a sniper map I don’t know why there’d be a need for them to be outside.


I also hope it’s not the Shanghai map as I was excited that that would be a full-fledged map. Then againt here was the other map which was a resort I think, so maybe that one will be the map. Dunno.


if they are for the sniper map, why do all the npcs have names? seems like a waste of time


Kinda why I was hoping it wasn’t, personally


Can someone find the original version of this picture?


I’m thinking some exchange of captives may be taking place? Our targets will be making a deal and the bag heads could serve as some sort of timer, maybe… Something goes wrong, our presence will be discovered and the bag heads will gonna get it, similary, how Austria map worked, when shit hit the fan. I’m just brainstorming ofc, dunno :grinning:



Can easily go for wallpaper


Really looking forward to that new sniper map :grinning:


Was thinking the same! Cracking picture thanks man!