HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


A new sniper rifle :smiley:… Definitely not sieger.


Great roadmap with a lot of variety!!
I can’t wait to play the new Sniper Map!!!Hopefully the multiplayer part will have some improvements as well (whenever I play with a random player,I want to have the ability to mark/unmark targets to show him that I am about to take the shot) and the unlocks will be cooler than just more bullet rounds.
The fact that there is an actual date of the upcoming update , makes me feel confident that they are having a plan this time to ‘‘eliminate’’ all major bugs :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up IOI !!!


It looks like a Jaeger 7, maybe the Lancer one.


Sweet roadmap. There’s a lot here!

[47 shows up with a feather duster]
Target: What’re you gonna do with that, tickle me to death??!

El Matador unlock YYEEESSS.

Sniper Assassin Map ok coool.

Black Hat in Paris yayyyyy.


It looks similar to jaeger but there are some differences… That huge mag.


It was the first thing I did before reading the page haha :smile:

Also for people who dont know if you got windows you can just open “DevTools” by Ctrl+Shift+I and then find this one in the top left corner:


and then go to the page and highlight the picture and left click.

Then it will jump back to the “DevTools” and you can find the Url for the picture :smiley: :+1:


Whats the feather duster? Is that already in the game or is a totally new item? Are we going to dust someone’s face until they sneeze uncontrollably then pass out for a KO? What kind of item is this?
If it’s in the game already, where?


It looks like Shashka A33
Look at the similar handguard and that receiver (looks like H&K G3 receiver, but with dustcover)



It’s new and the description at IO’s blog states it’s a non-lethal throwable melee. As it looks, it’s a pretty dull item, but if it happens to be extremely silent when thrown to KO something compared to a wrech or soda can, maybe it’ll come handy for some situations.


You are quite right sir! Ich bin impressed!


It also can be extracted just as easy as hit a right mouse button to the image on the main news page and select ‘Open in a new tab’ and then delete resolution digits in address bar and hit Enter
And there you go with any of the original image shown there :slight_smile:



Yes and thank you did not know you can delete resolution digits and just get the full picture. Sadly it does not work for me tho (also can the “Open in a new tab” up when right click on the sniper picture):



It works, this sniper image is just small.
This is the original


Uhhhkay why is that?

Alrighty then, thanks :smile:


A (most likely legal) non-lethal blunt object? That’ll come in handy if you don’t have the fish. (Maybe you skipped Miami?)


Both the fish and the handyman wrench fit as non-lethal melee and unsuspicious. The duster needs to be something else for it to stand out.


I remember someone from IO saying in one of the livestreams last year that all the NPCs in Himmelstein have names as well, even though they aren’t displayed to the player at all. It was at the same moment Travis christened the guard that walks back and forth by the photographer as “Manbun”.


So, maybe this sniper map is a draft for to-be-released-later full level?
And the forthcoming sniper map as well a draft for the next big map


One being Sniper only is more likely imo


A bit confused and just what a clear answer so here we go:

What is the new map?

  • Only sniper map
  • Both sniper map and the later full map released
  • Others
  • We dont know yet

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