HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


It’s as clear as day in the announcement :thinking:


You never know what they’re cooking for us

I will hit ‘both’


I think he wants facts, not speculation. Fact: new sniper map.


Cool that is also what I hope for and it would be pretty interesting to see happen


How can a map be both a regular and a sniper map? That is nonsense technical-wise.


For now :slight_smile:


Well Im not stopping people for speculate but yea just want to clear it up a bit :smile:


Yes… that’s how time works.



What about Colorado from Patient Zero. I guess it will be different missions but same level/location maybe?


The Vector and Freedom Fighters are two different maps.


Well yea thats true. It might just then be the same location but changed up a bit. Kind of like the bonus missions in Season 1 :slight_smile:


Ok, but the same terrain, isn’t it?


Himmelstein is a full-fledged Sniper map. Doing a Vector like map would be a step back and surely a disappointment for what was to be expected the extension is about.

Not entirely, I think alot of stuff is realigned that one did not notice at first.


Black Hat? Oh bum. That one really annoyed me. The punch glitch screwed up SA.


Yea I agree. Maybe we should not try to compare these two levels. Just think that the new sniper map wont be identical to the main map if IOI releases it as same location for expansion 1.


Well, maybe you’ll be able to redo it now.


Will we be able to use the new weapon on Himmelstein?


we will see


I’d hope so. Do you think we’ll be able to?


Would be good if it had a unique outfit and we could unlock it