HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


From the ET blog post:

Special note: ‘The Politician’ Elusive Target in Hawke’s Bay does not offer a direct unlock.

However, completing the contract will count towards your progress for unlocking the ‘SA Suits’ and ‘Completion Suits’ and most importantly of all – we are working on plans to give all players the chance to unlock an alternate version of the Hawke’s Bay default starting suit; the Tactical Wetsuit.

Not complaining, but I’m really glad that they’ve listened to us.


Not sure why some would consider the Sniper map to be more than what Himmelstein is.
A fixed-point Sniper map à là Hitman: Sniper mobile game.

I bet we’ll get our new location/missions at the end of the Expansion 1 rollout period. Save the biggest and most enticing piece of content for last. Whether the location and bonus missions come in a singular pack or will be released seperatly is left to speculation.


True, the level design is completely different from regular maps. Furthermore for Himmelstein, the whole reverse side is not even modelised.


I must say I’m really excited about this roadmap overall!

  1. Little sad that Hawke’s Bay ET is not unlocking the suit for that level. :confused: The ET sounds interesting though. Hoping we’ll get a version of HB level available for contracts in the future maybe using this ET as a model.
  2. Not sure about the duster. I feel like the fish is still better unless there’s something unique about the duster. :thinking:
  3. I wonder if there’s anything special about the knife you unlock with 25 featured contracts? Is it able to stay hidden for frisks because it’s foldable?
  4. The Matador will be so fun to use in certain situations! Glad this is finally able to be unlocked. :smile:
  5. Looking forward to having another chance at the Black Hat. I’m missed SA last time because of a dumb glitch last time. :unamused:
  6. New sniper assassin level will be fun to learn and master. :hugs:

UPDATE: Just read the release about the Politician and saw this:

we are working on plans to give all players the chance to unlock an alternate version of the Hawke’s Bay default starting suit; the Tactical Wetsuit.



Diana: 47, there is more: You are looking for a man who is left handed.

47: That narrows it down, but still need more infomation to completely scoop out the target.



It’s first time that I noticed he’s wearing “Blood Money” suit in that loading screen XD


Maybe we should rename it to ‘St Petersburg Stakeout loading screen Suit’ :grin:


Apparently he drinks a lot.


The duster used by Constantine in Isle of Sgail.
Not available in game now. It will be NL Melee.


Wohoo El Matador. Finally something to accompany my cowboy runs in Whittleton Creek besides the Striker.


You all talking about El Matador as well known famous gun.
Where have you seen it before? Am I missed something?
I don’t actually remember, but isn’t it Delgado’s personal pistol kept in his safe?


I hope you are right. I’m sure most of us didn’t pay for sniper maps, we want fully playable maps for expansions.


Yes it is. And it has a 1shot kill anywhere you hit someone and they fly back hitman2ballerstyle…


What’s with this sudden sniper map hate circlejerk? I paid for and wanted every piece of content in these expansions, that’s why I bought it.


I will speak for myself.
I don’t hate these maps, I’m simple indifferent.
Just because I don’t play Sniper mode, so I don’t care and not excited


That and that there is a lot less replayability compared to the classic levels, sadly.

Still excited to see the new map tho


Well, I will do a couple of rides there, but I doubt of more


Yes! They’re re-releasing the black hat. As some of you can tell from my profile pic, I am excited about this.


Not that sniper maps are bad, I even enjoy them but I think it would be better if they direct their budget to the new maps, everybody knows IOI isn’t bigger as the other studios and not many people care about sniper maps.