HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


Thank you for posting those two images together, @cakeblock941. Gave me some good chills :grin:


we already know what’s coming with the season pass, that can’t be changed now, no matter what order they release in


Yeah, I bought it knowing that, no complanings though


personally i would definitely rather them use the new locations they’ll use for sniper maps for new actual maps. but i know there are lots of players who enjoy the sniper mode, so im fine with them making more maps for it


The Delgado Larceny Escalation is releasing on my birthday, therefore the only pistol I’ll be using from now on is El Matador.


I would like the outfit from the Freeform Training too if they do this because I wanna rock a turtleneck sweater.


Read through most of the comments, mostly positive! This is by far the most excited I’ve been since
November 9th!!


A new Sniper Assassin map is good, but it’s not amazing. It’ll provide entertainment for a little bit, but once it’s been maxed out via challenges/trophies etc - it will just sit there untouched. Much like “The Last Yardbird” does.

Would prefer they put resources into expanding Ghost Mode tbh.


Yeah but this is only the March roadmap? The games only been out 4 months. Agreed an upgrade on ghost mode would be good but I don’t think this is underwhelming in the slightest


Yo, can we get a cheeseboard up in this thread? You know, to go with all the whine.

Maybe appreciate the fact that we are getting some of the new content, rather than moaning that it’s not the other promised content yet? And this in the most packed monthly roadmap yet, no less!


A handsome pledge, but a mere drop in the ocean of what we still have to look forward to.


To the complainers: you guys seem to have too much money to spend and too little patience, along with too little intelligence


Shoot. I forgot.

WHERE :clap: ARE :clap: GHOST :clap: MODE :clap: MAPS :clap:


Exactly man! If everything comes at once we have nothing to look forward to!


How do you know about the Hobby knife?

Has it been released,any footage of it?




So, just a quick question about the expansion passes: Are they just going to be sniper assassin maps, or are we actually getting new maps to explore?




Ok other than the wasted opportunities of new items and non-reskins like the duster, matador and knife, this roadmap seems pretty fun.


we’re getting new maps, new sniper maps, bonus missions, suits, etc. everything. i hope you havent bought the Gold edition yet, have you?