HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


Wow,it’s just a scalpel. Nice,I misted it


I bought the gold edition when pre-ordering it.


You need to see better surgeons.


unfortunate to hear


Oh sorry,we say “scalpel” like “skalpel” in my language,it is like this,you can like pull it out and cut mostly cardboard


Why do you say that?


i was hoping more people had read what they were getting before buying the different versions of the game. so many people today asking whether or not we were getting new regular maps, kind of irritating :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry about that. I was just wanted to be clarified.


I assumed they would roll out the expansions as whole packages considering that’s kinda the way they were advertised, especially being labelled 1 and 2 instead of just saying 4 maps. Plus it’s industry standard to roll out DLC packs like that. Not a big deal, but a little misleading.


I know IRL we call these exacto-knives but exacto is a brand and they couldn’t name-drop it in game. Which begs the question, are these actually called hobby knives or is there some other weird name for em?


theyre actually called hobby knives, but they can be called x-acto, box cutters, whatever


It’s not exactly what comes to mind when you hear “box cutter” but I’d say it could be called that. According to the Wikipedia of Xacto knife it’s utility knife sometimes called a precision knife or a HOBBY KNIFE. What do you know? IO does there homework haha


why alternate version? hope doesn’t come with stupid hat like colorado et or driving gloves.


we are working on plans to give all players the chance to unlock an alternate version of the Hawke’s Bay default starting suit; the Tactical Wetsuit.



In Australia we call them Stanley knives, and Wikipedia lists them as “Utility Knives”, never heard of Hobby before, lots of regional dialect variations for this one item, didn’t realise.


You draw this yourself? Textbook Groening. Nicely done.


With every roadmap I look at everything that’s been promised to see if it’s been delivered yet


  • Date of first Expansion map (Sniper, in this case)
  • Community request: El Matador unlock
  • Community request: Legacy ETs
  • Community request: Legacy maps lighting ‘fix’

On the way (apparently):

  • Community Request: Tactical Wetsuit unlock
  • Silent Assassin Tracker

Undelivered (All promised at time of launch):

  • “Predator-themed” challenge pack in Colombia
  • Definitive Edition suits being incorporated in some way
  • Ghost mode on other map/s
  • Batman throwing star (Shown in “World of Assassination” trailer)

I’m not going to put the sniper changes in any column yet because most people think they’ve made it worse :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe by March 2025 they will figure out some want’s the Blackballer they are using in the cutscenes.
But just maybe.


I fear we may get 'ballers of every colour of the rainbow before they decide to give us the original Blackballers. :laughing:


Talking about Undelivered things, I think dev’s talked about NPC’s noticing 47’s face instead of the whole disguise

this video talks about it in 1:47

and this article talks about it too

Hopefully IOI didn’t forgot about this because is a great feature from the Blood Money days.