HITMAN 2 March 2019 Roadmap


I don’t know why they advertised that challenge pack directly, when we’ve had various ones that have never been mentioned. I wonder what the reward is that makes it so notable that it needs to be addressed by name…


So… we have another non lethal melee item? Why? We already have the handyman wrench, it’s the best non-lethal weapon in the game right now.

Anyways, this roadmap looks really cool especially with the El Matador and the new expansion content, but I’m still annoyed at the fact that The Politican has now been put on 2 roadmaps.


I too wonder why they keep trowing all these non lethal objects in and explosives made in any shape.
There is literally no one asking for such items but a lot of people are asking for new firearms.

After all the complains with the MK2 weapons there was just a comment from Travis that he heard us. Only to follow an update where they changed the colors of the ICA Silverballer.


What non-lethal melee and also non-suspicious items we have now?

  1. Fish
  2. Meaty bone
  3. Handyman wrench
  4. Hammer(2016 the MARIO brother challenge pack)
  5. Now the feather duster ( I assume it will be non-suspicious)

Welcome add more if I missed anything ~


Claw Hammer isn’t in the game anymore, but honestly they should’ve just had the Fish and the Wrench. Wrench will always be the most useful KO item unless they add a crowbar of some sort, which I highly doubt.


i am looking forward to hitting ppl with my Swiffer duster. hopefully we will get new guns soon (new pistols, more specifically)


Yeah… I remember that “have your back towards NPCs and they can’t/slowly spot you” comment they said.



Can you please explain why the Gold Edition is bad, which can be understood from this?

On all the maps. At least they said it will be spread to all the maps, even Legacy ones


I think they said it didn’t make release because it wasn’t ready. Maybe the idea had to be shelved because it would make the game too easy?

I liked that idea, too, though, was one of my most wanted features after I saw it in the trailers.

Most of the things in your list were hardly promised in the first place. Showing the batarang in the trailer is not a promise as well as the Predator themed Challenge pack.

Ghost mode maps on the other hand …


I imagined four brand-new sniper locations where 47 could be next. Can’t wait!



How is specifically saying there will be “…a Predator-themed challenge pack in Colombia, will unlock new items” not a promise? https://www.facebook.com/hitman/videos/302496837267191/

And why would they show off an item that they have no intention of putting in the game? It wasn’t posted on April Fools’ day.


I did not say they won’t put it in the game I just mean that calling that “promise” seems wrong.
I do hope the stuff will make it into the game eventually.

Don’t cling to anything a developer says though, although I love the guys at IO for reviving HITMAN after Absolution the way they did.

And I really thought we’d get a new Ghost Map this month … okay, I’m angry now. Great.


I think cake did not mean the gold edition is bad, but buying it without knowing what it contains is kinda concerning.


I thought the same, but it worth clarifying.
Who knows, maybe I made a huge mistake buying GE :slight_smile:


we’re getting one though?


There was just a SECOND minor update on PC… what is it? Not seeing any notes


Fix of the recent fix?


Why, what did last night’s fix break?


As I saw it was not completely fixed the outfits


Im surpised so many people who bought the pass or gold don’t even check what they’re getting for that price.

What if a pack 1 did contain 2 sniper maps instead of 1 normal and 1 sniper they’re not even interested in sniper.

I guess some can spend $100 without even looking at what they get