HITMAN 2 May 2019 Roadmap



IOI Roadmap:

Katana is now a confirmed unlock:


Ahhh, you beat me by 10 seconds! I’ve deleted my post now.

Also, in the video it says Kanto, but in the image it says Tanto.

I’m surprised they’re doing a challenge pack in Hawke’s Bay, but NOT to unlock the wetsuit they talked about the other month… must mean they’re going to do something that’s not a challenge pack to get us the wetsuit. (Will this be the first challenge pack where we can’t use contracts mode to help us?)

Also, it looks like the Deceivers actually have a new path etc, as they’re walking next to each other?

And in the video it shows Mark Faba sitting in front of the exact same Pavel Zhukov slideshow as before, so it is in fact the same mission. Unless they have him sitting in the same briefing, for the same assassination, in the same location, but months after he’d already been there??


The escalations look to be top notch again! They’re really on their A-game in that department in particular lately.


not the original katana from Hokkaido though :frowning:

edit : none the less new stabby stabby for my flamingo suit


My next favorite kill : Lil’ Robot attracts the target, I come with the Tanto. :scream::smiling_imp:
Undying_Returns Shinobi


And we will have 2 ET’s active at the same time, The Undying and this:


Looks like it, if not The Undying ends may 31 that is.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to giving that a go, I think the extra challenge will be a lot of fun!

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Never played the Deceivers… little sad we don’t have the last three legacy et locations yet. yet…


A tanto is a shorter blade than a katana (which means the katana is still up for grabs as soon as they unlock it again). It will be cool to build a collection of Japanese weapons (Tanto, Katana, Shurukins…)

BUT… I bet most thirsty fans have unlocked the flamingo suit before May :slight_smile: so that leaves an ET recycled from last November to unlock a new item and a new spin on a couple of old ETs in a location where we’ve already been recently so we can’t unlock anything (except maybe sig suit with gloves)…

Guess I’ll have to beaver away killing people in ghost mode! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I literally asked my friend to help me grind out ghost mode…


By the way, I’d like to congratulate them on coming up with a much better theme this month. Party Crashers works for a variety of locations… bar and outside area of Paris, cake room in Bangkok, all of Sapienza during the festival, Delgado Mansion party area, Miami, Shisha Cafe Marrakesh, Whittleton Creek party, areas of Sgail…


The tanto isnt a katana a tanto is a knife shaped like a katana japanese make their stabby weapons the same just different sizes and names


When do we get a Bank? I know it’s in summer but does anyone know which month?


August 31st


Oh snap… Still, they do a great job making us busy til then. Good work nonetheless


May 3

The Undying Returns (Mark Faba) - Elusive Target in Miami

The Undying Returns in Miami

Sean Bean is back in HITMAN 2 as Mark Faba, an Elusive Target that will be active in the game for an entire month. From May 3 to June 3, you’ll have your one chance to eliminate Mark Faba and unlock Lil’ Flashy. In fact, you only need to launch the mission to add the flash grenade disguised as a robot into your inventory.
All HITMAN 2 players with access to Miami will have the chance to play The Undying Returns and completing it will count towards your progress of unlocking Elusive Target suits

May 9

The Sweeney Scrupulousness - Escalation in Miami

The Sweeney Scrupulousness (try saying that five times quickly!) tasks you with eliminating targets as a medic using an amputation knife. We don’t think this is regular activity for Spring Break, but you’ll be in Miami for this one anyway.

The later stages of the Escalation will add new challenges and wildcards into the mix to put your skills to the test. As always, Escalations are about the gameplay challenge ahead of the realism. Enjoy!

May 16

Shinobi - Challenge Pack in Hawke's Bay

This month’s Challenge Pack puts your ninja skills to the test in New Zealand.
Find your inner-ninja and complete four new ninja-themed challenges to unlock the Tanto, a traditional Japanese sword. This lethal melee item can be used in close-quarters or as a thrown weapon.
Expect to sneak, strike and subdue your way through Hawke’s Bay for your reward.

May 23

Spring Break - Featured Contracts

Each month we challenge our community to create interesting, exciting and fun contracts that match a theme.

Inspired by our monthly theme of Spring Break, with the release of the Miami Pack this month, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘PARTY CRASHER’.

Our themes for Featured Contracts are purposefully open-ended to make sure that the talened Contract creators in the community are free to interpret them in many ways, ensuring some fun and varied contracts.
Head on over to the dedicated Featured Contracts Submission Thread to submit your contracts for this month’s theme. Submissions close at 9 am CEST on May 20, so get your submissions in before then!

The Chameleon Anonymity - Escalation in Mumbai

We’re heading from Miami to Mumbai for the second Escalation Contract this month.
The Chameleon Anonymity is all about disguise gameplay and we’ll be keeping you on your toes with new targets, requirements and complications throughout the three stages

May 27

Livestream - IOI Monthly #3

We’re going to be back in front of the camera at the end of the month with another edition of IOI Monthly, our direct livestream from the development studio.

Expect world-first content reveals, status updates on the game, insight and discussion with the developers and your questions answered.

Stay tuned for exact details on when to tune in. Until then, you can catch the VOD of IOI Monthly #2 right now.

May 28

Game Update/Patch

The last piece of the puzzle this month comes with our May Game Update.
As always, we’ll be packing in improvements, fixes and improvements to the game. Stay tuned for the full release notes being published before the update hits your machines. If you want an early heads-up of what’s coming, tune into our IOI Monthly livestreams…

May 31

The Deceivers (The Guru & The Congressman) - 2 Elusive Targets 1 contract in Sapienza

We end the month with a bang and an entirely new concept for Elusive Targets.
The Guru and The Congressman are two Legacy ET’s that are back in Sapienza – at the same time! This single contract includes the two targets and features a new briefing video and target bios. Completing the contract will count as 1 towards your progress for unlocking ET suits.

You’ll need to own the Legacy Pack to play this Elusive Target, so make sure you download it if you haven’t already!

May Unlocks

Lil' Flashy - Play The Undying Returns - Elusive Target in Miami


Tanto - Complete Shinobi -Challenge Pack in Hawkes's Bay


Signature Suit with Gloves - Complete 9 Elusive Target contracts

Completing both The Undying Return & The Deceivers will get you the suit if you already have completed all 7 ETs that we’ve had. Thus completing 9 Elusive Targets to get the suit.


I’m the most excited because of monthly patches. You never know what will happen! What will they add? What will fuck up? Does game will launch at all? How less FPS it will have? Which part of UI will wont work this time (via contract search) It is so exciting! xD

But to be honest - i’m glad that they done homework from S1, and now they adding REAL LIVE CONTENT, and they are very consistent in that.

I like idea with combining few Elusive targets from S1! A little freshness in that old content.

Keep doing fine work IOI!

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To get the suit? :smile: the good thing is non target kills takes a point off, so you can go forever, i don’t play ghost mode so it was new to me


Since they had a teaser at the end of the previous video (The Undying)… What is that vault looking thing? Might it be another subtle hint as to what’s coming in June? The only thing is - we don’t have anything to compare it with. Then again, maybe it’s just some fancy graphics they threw in. Who knows?


We’ll the first of the two news maps is a bank, so new map next month?