Hitman 2 Memory Loss Drug Idea

I think IO should allow you to feed unconscious npcs poison from pill vials. They should add memory loss pills to the game (much like the lethal pills, etc.) that could be given to unconscious witnesses to erase their knowledge of you. Because it is so easy to be spotted in this game, and this can ruin a silent assassin run, the memory loss pills would be very useful as a backup in case you are spotted. Tell me what you think.

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Sounds like a cool idea. Although a syringe would suit better.

Yes, they should make it work with both pills and a syringe

I think that’s a neat idea. A drug to wipe someone’s short term memory would be awesome.

Shameless plug! I made one such drug in the thread where members were asked to think up ideas for Bonus Missions :smiley: :

Sounds like an interesting idea for sure, but the only thing I’m not sure about is if someone spots you, you can just as easily knock them out and hide their body, or in worst case scenario, kill them. Either way, it wouldn’t matter that they spotted you because you took them out lethally or non lethally, making a memory loss pill sort of unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the idea because it does sound cool, but that’s just a thought I had.

Thing is, if they spotted you, you lose score for that. If you take them out, you’re still down that score. The idea of wiping their memory is to basically get that score back.

Oh ok, I see now that makes sense. That’s a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Amnesia poison
Better than fish and meaty bone

But what about targets?
Killing them after spotted = SA?

You know what would be cool is if the Amnesia Poison “Resets the NPC, removes alert/witness status and makes the NPC go back to the start of its routine”.

This means for example that you can force Victor Novikov to repeat his Staircase routine in The Showstopper. :laughing:

i want some of those Pills for myself, so i can forget the lazy story of Hitman 2 :joy:

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Would be funny to knock him out, cause havoc so that the whole lobby is clear, and THEN force him to repeat his routine.
Coming down the stairs and no one’s there. Poor Viktor!


How about drugging the target itself so strongly, that he/she will forget, who he/she is? The target will start a new life as completely different person and technically will be neutralized. He/she will have to get some regular job, consult psychiatrist every now and then, find a new friends, perhaps even turn to good, you never know.

Lol resetting the routine is brilliant

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