Hitman 2: Miami Challenge Bug

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
I have brought this bug to this forum before but now, I’m gonna create a separate thread for this.
As I have already written, I encountered a bug in Miami.
I’ll explain it clearly: I completed all the challenges required for “The Classics” challenge to unlock but the challenge remained locked when I finished the mission.
I’ve read that someone had this problem due to a crash or a disconnection but neither of those happened to me. Nothing happened, the game was working as always, the challenge simply didn’t unlock.
I kindly ask to the developers if there’s a way to unlock it or if I’ll have to wait for a fix. Two monthly updates came out and my challenge still remains bugged. I cannot complete everything in the game because of a bug and not because of my lack of skill, this is really annoying for a completionist like me.
Please, if you see this post, let me know if there’s a way to bypass the bug or if you are looking for a way to fix it. I really want to be able to unlock everything again.
P.S.: I added some images to help.

Please use the official bug report thread for stuff like this as you will have a much better chance of the devs seeing it.


As @MaxKroon said, posting this in Bug Report Thread will increase the chance for developers of seeing this by a hundred, I think.
They watch that topic very closely and as they say in patch notes, if you posted something in that thread, it’s most definely they saw it.
So, to double you chances repost this message in Bug Report Thread

I did it now. Let’s hope that someone sees it.

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