Hitman 2 Miami Glitch

I finished level 20, but I still have items locked. I think there were some server connections issues when I completed the lover levels. So now what do I do?

If’ you’re on PS4, just wait…
IOI knows about this issues and working on a solution.
When solution comes, you’ll get your well deserved items the next time you launch the game.
However no timings were annouced yet, but players expect to get what they deserved after next game update which is scheduled for 30th of July.
But it can take longer, so just wait, you’ll get all your items eventually, don’t worry

Sure enough, got the update and my items. Thanks for the heads up.

I don’t want to make a new thread, but is this similar to the glitch that means that Marrakesh-Escalation sniper rifle doesn’t unlock?

Other people are talking about using the ‘Ghost’ sniper rifle - is it only PS4 players who still have this issue? :slight_smile:

You can get the Sieger 300 Ghost sniper by doing a 3 stage escalation in Marrakesh called The Cheveyo Calibration

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I completed it, and it didn’t unlock. It’s apparently been a known bug for a long time, but people now are starting to talk as though they have it. It’s never unlocked for me, though.