Hitman 2 Miami

I’ve been playing hitman 2 for awhile now and I love the map Miami but all of a sudden it’s not accessible to me. I check to see if I still have it downloaded and it’s missing. If anyone has any ideas I play on Xbox one

Yeah pretty common…try clearing your xbox one cache by turning off xbox, unplugging powerbrick from back, leave unplugged for about 5 minutes then restart…turn on, sign in to xbox live, then if disc click on disc on start screen to play, then hopefully sign in to io servers and red screen saying get access should be gone…if not try an old save on load screen…hope these help

Thanks for trying Freedom3000 but it still doesn’t work

Sorry man…hey, just so I’m understanding, when you go to your xbox one storage, the miami level is not installed??? Can you try to to go to xbox store and go to hitman 2 and click on the game and see whether or not it says install or buy???

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Make sure you’re not launching Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack which only lets you access ICA Facility and Hawke’s Bay.

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When I go to the store it tells me that I own the game and also to buy it at the same time and I remember paying the $60 when I got it but if your talking about the maps it tells me that it’s not sold separately and that I should buy hit man gold for $127

Ok sorry u are having difficulty…i had similar problems when i downloaded holiday hoarders pack. the clear xbox cache worked for me and loading and old save on a missing level also helped…make sure since yours is digital that its your same profile that you purchased it, and that your xbox is set to “My home xbox” in settings. Also sometimes i have two hitman 2 red squares on the screen where you pick the games on xbox,i have to make sure i always click on the one for disc, because if i load the other pic for game i get: red need access on levels…once again, sorry wasn’t able to help…

Check the Xbox menu where you download the additional content and re-download it.
If it is missing as in not installed, of course the game will tell you that you don’t have access.


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