Hitman 2 Mission Creator - Release

I have absolutely no idea :joy:

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Is pickup item goal broken? Tried Newspaper, NEWSPAPER, and newspaper.

Anything other than NPCs in the Target box, you probably won’t get like that - you’ll have to use a UUID. I’d like to add a search feature, but I’m not sure I’m that good of a programmer.

The Newspaper Roll’s UUID is a96cdbd8-9657-416a-87bf-d2ed21840794.

You should attach a copy of the REPO for people to be able to search things (Seperate to the app you made)

It’s just a text file and you can use any text editor’s “Find” feature and type in “Newspaper” to find it

Nolan Cassidy doesn’t appear as a target in instinct in Whittleton Creek.

Janus does, however.

I can write a list of the uuids

Ah - that’s fixed in the next update (coming very soon). Basically, there are two definitions of Nolan Cassidy - the one from Another Life and the one from A Bitter Pill. The one it’s found is from A Bitter Pill, so the target is not on the map.

The correct UUID is b8f0bf6c-4826-4de2-a785-2d139967e09c.


Ha, speaking of which, I’ve found FOUR versions of IDs for single characters sometimes, I’ve had to write them down for some of my mods. And Salvatore is incorrectly labelled as “Craig Black” in the actual game repository, they couldn’t be bothered naming him


Freeform Training -
Thomas Cross d3959196-6be0-43ea-b6e7-aafa70822045
Isabella Caruso fc3dee19-c692-482d-90bc-b7900537927f
Terry Norfolk 5c9a59eb-7dc4-4785-983f-7e411a755bab
Josh Sykes (Mechanic Near Engine) 73de0748-7563-462e-ac5f-6505611799f3
Alex Perry (Bartender) 3dcd9901-276a-4e75-a739-7aa1f5e5487a
Mason Perkins (Captain) 364264e9-87c6-4d62-aa77-4fba9baf8d45
Corey Hicks (Upstairs on phone) 2024d46c-0a52-4094-be84-5e62e10c46c3
Joshua Demarest (Upstairs near toilet + guard) 08492373-df79-4a9b-9a5f-5e14f18ebf87
Michael S Davis (Upstairs Crew Member) d73b1f2b-27cb-4fde-8f5b-b0dea100e18d
Austin Ferguson (Mechanic in middle of others, downstairs) cbd10956-7c7c-4309-8637-3d4852d0a9cf
Jeffrey T. Myers (Mechanic next to Austin Ferguson) 8c168ba3-f29b-48b9-b607-dfd88db5651e
Ronnie Aguilar (Ritter’s Bodyguard) 487dfc9e-20e1-4d6f-bfd0-0feda771f561
Kalvin Ritter 3d25ee6c-61fa-4ba5-8f19-fedd905fd8fb
Peter Holston (Outside bartender) d10fc7ce-2f5a-433e-8e9b-d2e6b27a180e
Amy M Lee (Glasses near toilet, on phone) e8509e7b-569f-4aad-9b32-b783602de4d3
Sebastian Godfrey (Middle level, exterior guard) 271755c3-3278-4fde-9cdd-6a8a28bfc079

Hokkaido -
Erik Baumgartner (Old Researcher, top floor) 1675d777-037c-4300-ac9e-aabd9da59d02
Dwyer G. Pitt (Identical to Baumgartner, Patient near entrance) 25181bf7-345c-4990-a1c9-7911b7f79f4f, also d1318c3f-857a-48de-bf4b-6654f95531bd
Amos Dexter 46961272-1362-4a4a-a22e-2fad68dc93f4, 543aa136-c28a-41c4-918b-f75702fd06b5, b13314ab-ea25-48b7-9e51-8ebb87788e20 (Patient Zero)
Akira Nakamura (Hospital Director) 2e1a30c5-b1e0-4984-b3f4-67f01f9ebfef

Sapienza -
Salvatore Bravuomo 4f388b6a-0fe0-4119-a9b3-1792922ce76e, 09e13404-7017-48e5-a13c-d6dfdf07e685, fb3b5baf-8e2d-4e22-aeba-78651e628842 (Author)
Luca Platini (Replaced Guard) dd77bf34-3c45-4d17-9090-d7239fcc9e69
Viana Buccho (Church Scientist) 1132f96d-fc0e-48ce-bc8f-17baf112b6f8
Raffaele Lanfranchi (Replaced Guard) 045c0890-76eb-435e-9b87-90ca481646e6
Manuele Li Fonti (Replaced Guard) 12927ca1-1792-43bf-b698-9954c3f28172
Robert Alves (Replaced Guard) f01a1ec3-b038-401f-9248-98fb171ab4d0
Dimitri Napolitani (Replaced Guard) 9cff47b0-c5b5-479f-a10a-aa5fcc7b4ed2
Francesco Vivaldi (Replaced Guard) a1df1adf-9fe1-4122-b95f-d6e3b367fca5
Marco Vienna (Replaced Guard) bd991e95-15d2-46d2-b3ca-1d31111f03f4 (WoT), 5947d835-9dda-47d8-bb6c-eff95b6cd74a
Fabio Pavione (Morgue Staff) - 6aeab464-6e6e-4a37-a858-a3e134db672f (WoT), a66d5c7c-79cb-4472-9e66-4008c51f6f02, a79da7e1-5910-4f9d-801b-7c93cfe446cd, f39aa951-7d0b-4144-8854-3b87bbf7cc57
Andrea Penca (Church Staff, walks outside) - e903a027-8c73-434d-978e-579c804480b4
Stefano Zelaschi (Church Staff, walks around stairs) - 2af0e3d2-86d6-421a-95d8-5dacb67cae60
Gianmario Lorenzini (Church Staff, garden) - 08c3b5e8-8aff-4306-a9f9-eaeb076b22a9
Francesca De Santis - 94ab740b-b30f-4086-9aea-5c9c0de28456
Silvio Caruso - 0dfaea51-3c36-4722-9eff-f1e7ef139878
Craig Black (The Author) ab48a89d-e8a7-4df4-ae72-f0fccaa65e7f
Marcello Schiavone (Cafe Lady - Author) 6317afe0-5b57-4be2-920f-8a218bee570b?
Marcello Schiavone (Mike Vogt - Author) d8b46cb7-3239-4d44-a9d6-cd44de8d2813?
Marcello Schiavone (Smoking cafe waiter in plaza - Author) c5f4d05d-f22c-40a1-aa00-115a0d0087a8

Stash point - “e9c2f7ba-2d52-47a2-99b2-d14eba6d5278” [Sewer - The Author]

Marrakesh -
Shuaib Aly (Protest Leader) 9ee25107-46b2-4cfa-a3e0-bf752bc4cd8e
Hilda Berg (Head of Security, Rooftop)
Khuzaimah Afeef Saliba, Irshaad Ismail, Ashraf Raghib Mustafa, Khaleel Rani Nahas [Poster Crew] 33422a18-9ed1-4d43-9fdf-da7e7193e0d9, 6f862816-5107-44b0-a0f8-cd3c88178c22, a35845bf-5004-47c0-a78f-cf0885c95f0b, 4edc1667-0b3a-42c8-8ac2-09e0b179d263
Ubayy Saud Mifsud, Masruq Khalid Almasi, Hanif Rasmi Antoun, Ameen Mu’nis Salib [Officers] ed4d39e0-98ce-4146-9e06-c668447485d7, f60f49d6-9fca-41b1-9517-4bcfe42bf705, 18bd15f9-dc81-4783-9dde-c005abec7198, b542b0fe-36d2-4cde-88ff-345acf95909c

Hawke’s Bay -

Orson Mills “293579a3-b1d9-415a-ad3f-9f876892d9b1”, “85f6793b-8b42-4ba2-ad1f-470131126be7” (Halloween)
All Guards “1e6be31a-a6f6-4b61-b7fa-6e37d4b69a2c”, “8c5143d6-ac75-44a5-a67c-cd4cd4304e4a”, “2458ad3d-1131-4dc8-a52b-101065b55f2c”, “b8936aed-f498-403f-9167-d39ab02419b4”, “0037cdef-80c5-40aa-85f8-1a28588ae954”, “d0c2aa29-763e-45dc-a8fb-41d05322de9e”, “0ec76339-0fd9-4c83-9368-f235b66b3fa0”, “e82f3d7f-4e8c-452f-97ae-b0a413cd0d14”, “0b6e8324-8118-40b4-b0b8-4d75d03ff37f”, “e2196d59-c5fe-43e0-b7e8-508bde38cb67”, “4e98437d-49e2-4cbd-a081-6c3f34c7797d”, “e1363159-b0aa-40b5-bf01-a3ad41a5230d”, “47c00c25-953a-45da-86e0-3fcdadea3487”, “77853169-4a3f-40de-90c3-e7b8fc09cc70”, “020cded4-84d2-48f8-a593-a13b60574cf0”, “3b1bffed-bbcf-446e-8824-5855f9df7714”, “f0db3e8b-cf65-4c65-b607-f77284a0f644”, “3663ff4d-c47d-4a5c-9de7-5d748449a6fd”/“51a33b0d-8262-4efe-a62e-1e0f798535da”/“a358c870-516f-4158-890d-63014b962455”/“c8c6979e-2b8b-48cc-b405-7f1138b88e8c”, “c04e1fe2-9227-4c86-9068-8ef098d89b57”, “afbfb9f3-e629-44f4-bb6d-3537fb94898a”, “dbebec2f-5a75-4713-bb08-c32f141bc9a5”, “6d64c21b-1ae4-47a8-aceb-120cb68ae362”, “dddfaa8a-b4bc-42b4-a0ce-c44b1d1af75a”, “edf64cae-98b1-496e-8b13-31b8e65ccb7e”, “6024f334-d840-4418-b3b0-12a2870150c4”, “9a469cd6-0689-49af-86ea-1a2d7022a1e5”, “f1408061-856f-4017-a922-b297d72d1fb0”, “71d833e8-5f8d-4cd5-8dc8-48d5097f71e9”, “a58ae30e-00ad-42ec-949d-1d6c5fe1bb47”, “7762eb11-138c-4d5b-bf3c-f28921cfa0e0”, “a64bf745-b51f-4fcf-b2cc-1f4a81bc4f9b”, “77fea61d-7993-486c-a5d5-71a6e55d414c”
Gerard Mann “d37dbe48-0cd8-480d-9d61-28fe8057d3e1”
Alma Reynard “9e85c891-9eb7-4f3c-8115-896bf54d979b”

Item List:

Jerry Can 691ba631-fcc6-49c8-a724-d18bb096703e
Breach Charge S2 9d5daae3-10c8-4f03-a85d-9bd92861a672
Collector’s Baseball Bat - 248cbd89-9923-452a-8cda-a5f76d8930dc
Golden Sawed Off - 8598ae82-53ac-43ba-9f43-30140d6ba7ee
DNA SAMPLE - FRANCESCA - 93a7d4ac-c8a8-433f-b7c4-267916a4f436

Some of these notes won’t make sense to you^ they were just for mods I made or haven’t finished yet

Here is an ID list of every item and NPC in the game

@Atampy26 you might want to add it to the first post or something


Thanks so much for those IDs, really appreciate it.

Currently working my way through all of the objectives to test every one of them.


“NPC emetic poisoned” and “door unlocked” do not register (poison may be tied to a level/opportunity, door may be tied to sniper assassin?)
“Alert status changed” and “Game put on high alert” also do not register.

“Murdered body seen”, “Dead body seen”, and “Body found (non-accident)” are a redundent for non-accident bodies getting found.

Did you attach an ID to either? I can’t speak for his program, but in my manual scripting those commands definitely worked without IDs attached to them

There’s a difference between them, a body can only be found once, but a body can be ‘seen’ over and over again.

When I put body seen in my Sniper Assassin mod and said “Take off points for that”, points were taken off every single time someone saw a body; only one person died yet you’d keep losing points over and over again. But with body found instead, you only lose points once, because once it’s found it’s found, it can’t be re-found

Haven’t tried this yet, but there’s like 8 levels of alert in Hitman, the top being Combat, then Hunted below that; if you skipped whatever “High” is and went straight to combat or something then presumably you wouldn’t fulfill that objective

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@KevinRudd, How did you use Actorsick and DoorUnlocked?

Currently, in QuickEdit, anything with a target set works like this:
"Condition": { "$eq": ["$Value.RepositoryId", "<target's ID>"] }

“Game put on high alert” corresponds to GameTension_HighAlert

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For the poison I put Yuki Yamazaki. It registered pacifying and eliminating her but not poisoning her.
Is there a duplicate of her in PZ or the Snow Festival that could be causing a conflict?

Not for the door though. For “door unlocked” I put do not unlock doors as a fail condition and upon unlocking a door it didn’t do anything.

Ah, did not realize these. Thank you for clarifying.

Did you unlock the door using a scanner or a lockpick? Door unlocked might only work with a lockpick.

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I am probably doing it wrong.

SMG, lockpick, and crowbar. Same result with all three.

Here’s how it works

So it has to say ‘actor’ in there somewhere

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Ah. That means it’s $Value.ActorName (I think), rather than $Value.RepositoryId.

And here’s what I assume you used as the command for “Alert Status changed”

What about DoorUnlocked?

Also, how are you getting these images?

Hmm, alright it seems using electronic hackers does not count as doorunlocked, instead it shows up as this

A Vampire Magician never reveals her secrets :wink:

On a public forum at least

EDIT: Here is DoorUnlocked; as you can see you can NOT specify any form of target or value to it