HITMAN 2 - Modding Thread

That would be great.

I’m sort of leaning towards releasing this, since it doesn’t actually use any of IOI’s assets, except the REPO file. Plus, it would be cool to see a few more mods than just your (amazing) mods and a few isolated examples.

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Awesome guys! You never cease to surprise me :heart:
Keep up the great work!


Perhaps to help give you a few more options then, I’ve created this mod which adds even more unimportant missions (Sniper, Seasonal) to the campaign screen, along with three slots of deleted content (Player cannot access them as there’s nothing to access, but they’re perfectly functioning mission slots). This is something Duckilous did half a year ago but never released for download

The deleted content is “Negroni (Shows up as “The Brothers”)” “TheLastWord (Shows up as “The Author”)” and “Amber Mission Prototype (Shows up as “World of Tomorrow”)”

It does mean people will have to download two mods just to play in one of these slots, but at least it serves the dual purpose of enabling more missions in offline mode for when people can’t connect to the IO server for whatever reason.



This looks really fascinating, can lead to lots of very creative people in the community coming up with new missions.

If you do plan on releasing this, when do you think the community can get access to this tool?

Looking forward to news of development!


I’m getting everything ready for release - it will probably happen sometime tomorrow.

It will release as a portable app, similar to ZMH5PatchBuilder (a zip file that you extract, then you open the main exe file), so just Windows for now - but this comes with a few advantages:

  • Automatic building - rpkg is created for you
  • Support for tile image customisation

After that, I’ll try to add support for more features whenever I can.


I’ve released my mission creator.

Hitman 2 Mission Creator - Release


Awesome, this looks amazing!


can you mod other people’s accessories/clothes onto 47’s model?


With my mission creator: as of now, it’s just a mission creator. However, you can set a custom disguise for 47 using Mandatory Loadouts.

With the general modding community: Disguise and Play as NPC, or various other texture and 47-based mods on the Nexus.

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Is there a link or a resource that contains weapon/item UUID’s? I’m having a very hard time guessing the true names of the items, and the .REPO file only has info for the Goldballer and one or two other weapons.

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The REPO file should have every item in the game in it - are you using CTRL-F to find the items?

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You’re thinking of my random assortment of IDs I chucked in one post in a dropdown menu, that’s not the REPO

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Yeah. I’ve searched for the ICA 19, Lockpick and other items and no dice. Using a more advanced text editor like Notepad++, too. Some even return zero results if I search the whole doc.

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Where did you get the file?

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From the download link at the top of the page. When I’m not busy I could send screens of my CTRL F searches, if that’ll help.

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This page?
There’s just the texture list at the top of this thread.

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Oh, whoops. No the mission creator thread. Sorry I didn’t notice which thread I was in.


Strange. Is the file 9.3 MB? It should have every item in the game - it does for me.


It isn’t. That’s weird. I’ll re-download and see what’s up. Sorry about that! I didn’t notice that.


Also, don’t put spaces when you search for stuff because half of them use underscores between words I think