HITMAN 2 - Modding Thread

Then try using the name I provided and see if it works.
Maybe you have better luck than me in getting the game actually play your custom song instead of having it muted.

Okay I’ll try, it’s still mean to be a .wav like it shows up for the old 2016 script, yes?

(Either way the background didn’t change like it should’ve; I take it that image has a different name too?)

EDIT: Just tried it, still plays vanilla 2018 menu music. I’m just gonna have to re-extract everything all over again

Maybe. If the .wav format doesn’t work then you might have to use Wwise to convert it into a .wem file.

Title Screen = 000f433c2f033f31
Menu Screen = 004f111e93d4c461
Title Logo = 00598fc36bf706d8

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Okay, I tried replacing all three of those names, still everything’s vanilla.

Let me tell you what I’ve done and you can tell me if I’ve gone wrong somewhere

I’ve made a folder in the patchbuilder folder and called it “chunk0”, I’ve then made my own “GFXI” and “WWEM” folders in that, where I’ve put the replacement images and .wavs with the names you’ve provided.

I’ve then dragged that chunk0 folder onto the patchbuilder EXE, and renamed the resulting .rpkg to chunk0patch5 (The patch I’m up to, because I already have a mod before this)

Does any of that sound wrong?

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that the .rpkg it’s making is 1kb… which means there’s nothing in there… so I’ve definitely done something wrong

I assumed you patched the packagedefinition.txt, right?

You don’t actually need folders in your “chunk0” folder, just place all the files in “chunk0” and that’s it.

If it still doesn't work then you probably need to convert your .png or .jpg files into GFXI format.

To convert them into .GFXI
Open up the command window inside the folder that contains the images and depending on the type of the images, put in the following:

ren *.jpg *.GFXI


ren *.png *.GFXI

If you (hold shift and) right click inside the folder to bring up the context menu but the “Open command window here” doesn’t show up, you might have to use Google to figure out how to get that option to show up because I can’t remember.
I’m not sure if it would also work in PowerShell though.

I believed IOI is actually going to use chunk0patch4 in some way because it’s always gonna appear as a 1kb file if you remove it and then verify integrity of game files now. Start naming your modded rpkg files from “chunk0patch5” for now on.

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It’s getting late here so I’m gonna have to basically leave it here for the night, but here’s what happened in Powershell (Command window wasn’t an option with shift right click)

Guess I’ll Google some other way tomorrow

EDIT: Now no music is playing, and the background is pure black (Not what I wanted) which tells me I’m replacing the right files, but with the wrong file type. I’m getting closer! Guess they really can’t be .jpg and .wav

UPDATE: I managed to replace the background, but I notice it no longer says “Press Enter to continue” or the title, or anything. Also, the music still doesn’t work even though I took the 2016 WWEM version this time to replace the existing H2 WWEM

Ah well, small victories, I’m sure I’ll figure the rest out tomorrow

UPDATE 2: Turns out one of those files (Thing you mentioned was ‘title’) I shouldn’t have tried to replace, now the background is working properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Still gotta figure out the music tho, you’re right, it’s just silence. Even though I’m just taking a file from H1!

In the thread “Hitman Audio Converter”, Notex says you need “Wwise” to convert things to usable WWEM. I’ve just gone to their website but I click the Windows download and nothing happens in my browser, I click the other button and it wants me to sign up for some reason

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When you have Windows selected and click “Download Wwise Launcher”, you have to create an account before you can download the launcher.

Lame, I was hoping for an offline version. Hate signing up to things.

Anyway, try it with your song and let me know if it even works; I’m logging off for the night now; thanks for your help so far!

(Hope people reading this thread don’t mind our conversation, but chances are someone else would make the same mistake/s I did, so they may as well have the answers written out here to read)

A while back, Notex and I tried swapping out the main menu music as well, and also faced a silent menu in the end. My guess is that the game is looking for some file that tells the game how to loop the main menu music, and without the correct file, it doesn’t know how to play the main menu music. Just a theory though.


Agreed but you only need to sign in once just to download the launcher.
You don’t even need an account to use the launcher.

Also I told you before that getting my custom song in the menu screen is just mute for some reason but not if it’s played in other situations like starting a mission.
Anyway, you’re welcome.

The link is correct. You just need to go to the releases page for the exe.

Out of my depth here, naturally; but if you open up the music files of the two menu themes (H2 and 2016), you notice that there’s a reference to ‘cue’ and ‘tempo’ in the H2 one which isn’t in the original. These references are also NOT in other H2 WWEM files. Perhaps it confirms the theory @mkoch227 mentioned? Might there be a way to copy and paste that info into another WWEM file?

I can dick around and try it just using notepad, but I have no idea where I’m meant to start and stop copying in the line of code and random symbols.

UPDATE: Tried randomly copying and pasting the first chunk into the custom music file, but it didn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: Also, there are a few tracks with that ‘cue’ and ‘tempo’ information, it seems none of them can be replaced (Tracks like the debriefing screen, pause screen etc)

If we can figure out how to get past this it would be fantastic (I already tried changing an H2 track with existing tempo data to match the menu’s tempo number [116], didn’t work either)

I must be extremely blind then, I follow the link and I get this, which doesn’t have the word releases anywhere on the page

And when I click on the patchbuilder link either there or from “Tools>Hitman2” in the top left, it takes me to this page which has no EXE, and again no references to ‘releases’ :S



I’m a foolish boy, please forgive me xo

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You are forgiven… for now. Next time I’ll have to get 47 involved though :wink:

Special thanks to @HMBM47 for some individual body part modding techniques! Never thought I’d see the day to play as the hippie in a suit. Looks a lot like John Wick.


Trick or treat?


people are getting a lot better at modding this game :smiley:


For what it’s worth, here’s what I came up with for replacing the H2 menu with the red 2016 menu background/s (Including what seems like an unused red one, which I put as the Title screen to spice things up).

Sadly does not come with the music (I’m still working on it! But looks like a lost cause), nor does it replace loading screens (Which it turns out are video files… if anyone has tips on replacing GFXV files, please hit me up!)

I don’t even know if I’m legally allowed to put the mod up since I didn’t ask IO permission to use their own assets :open_mouth: But I’m sure someone at Nexus will take it down if I did something wrong.


It’s things like this that make me consider getting a PC (I’m on PS4 atm) but I’d have to re-unlock everything and it’s quite an investment for one game :sweat_smile:

I do try to get the most interesting shots I can in the PS4 (usually for contracts I make)

Some examples:


But they’ll never hold a candle to the Ansel shots you guys can get :sob:

Hopefully one day tho