HITMAN 2 - Modding Thread

Dunno about models, but when working with textures, it’s all in separates - eyes, eyelashes, etc. Think you would have to tediously find all of the tiny parts, now some may be in different size, so it won’t even work…just… even thinking about the amount of files you would have to go through in the textures alone, just to swap a head…makes me dizzy :laughing:


True, it’s not quite like textures; when I said that I just meant how you take a particular file, do the one thing you want with it, then repackage it and it’s a straight replacement, like with mods of 47’s face.

I mean hey, they’ve already shown they can swap a head with their pictures above, I just want to be sure there’s not a more ‘permanent’ way of doing that than using this tool they made up for themselves to do it every time you load a game

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Wow, modding this game really is hard; all I did here was change the credits file to make Jacob Mikkelsen’s name say Mr Swing King instead, but if you change anything of the credits, then it skips that whole file (The credits is broken up into IO, then Warner Bros, then other companies, which is why there’s still credits at all)… and this was in offline mode, so it’s not like it’s comparing it to an online server version somewhere

And yes, as a control I re-packaged the original file untouched, as a ‘patch’ mod and it showed up as normal.

It’s literally if you change a single letter then it just skips the entire file! I don’t know how they’ve managed to make it work like this

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Is it possible to extract the 3d item and weapon models along with the textures?

I’ve skimmed past the tools list b4, just wondering if we 3d here.

I think you could publish that mod that you created without problems, you should not worry that people have access to impossible items or items that they did not unlock since the randomizer already gives access to everything even if randomly …

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hello! after some consideration, i have come to release my gear editing mod!

as i said before, it uses the same method as the randomizer mod, it works on all maps, even when re-planning or retrying. it currently only supports directx11, but directx12 support is coming soon™

current issues:

  • it might not work properly with multiple items that stack by default (coins and throwables), starting with the default items is recommended
  • alt-tabbing with the menu open might break stuff
  • exclusive fullscreen is not supported

download v1.1

to use this, run injector.exe with the game open and press insert to open the menu. you can also use your own dll injector if you want.

this only works on the latest game version (2.71.0)!


Awesome m8, great job. I wait for the DX12 version.


Has anyone had any luck with JSON or REPO editing (not using a realtime tool during gameplay)? There are some contract IDs for interesting sounding stuff in there, “Prototypes” of multiplayer game modes/maps (I wonder what happens if we were able to use the ID to load them up?)

Or have you had success but chosen not to mention because such a method could be abused and anger IO


The required files for those maps are not included in the game.


Assassination Race is the name they called Ghost Mode prior to release. And they said they planned on bringing it to legacy maps aswell, so its a good chance that these are really just lan-alpha version modes from the Ghost Mode. The 1v1gym, no idea really, probably has to do with assault octopus. Maybe a real 1v1 pvp? If so, I am happy it didnt come. Would you like to shoot up a place with hitmans gun control?

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I finally had success editing my first JSON. It turns out where I went wrong before was just using normal notepad and hitting save.

I hope this opens up more possibilities for me than just putting stupid names in credits. But I still have no idea what I’m doing overall :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason I think of the gym on the top floor of Kronsdadt. Maybe some sort of multiplayer mode where you’re confined to just that top area?


I was thinking about Haven gym, but also the Konstadt place, yes. It could have been whatever it wanted to be, I really dont know! And at this point, all I hope for, is that they really dont do anything about it in HITMAN 3. Sniper Mode and Ghost Mode might be “ok” and “fun” for some, but it really takes huge resources away from the base game. And while the sniper mode can be played in single player, it doesnt give you anything for playing it. There is no reason. No unlocks, no anything. And the online part also doesnt reward you with anything, and cant be played anymore anyway, as there are huge ques on each plattform.


I’m wondering… can the sound files for the ‘Mixtape 47’ be found? And if so, are they in a low quality state/condition? Like, do they actually sound as bad as they do in game? (They sounded better in H2016). Or could it be that they’re manipulated to sound lower in tone/pitch?

Anyway. If/once they’re found - would it be possible to replace them (especially if they’re in a worse quality than they were in the previous game)?

There’s something else I’m curious about, but it can wait and depends if more info on ^this can be found.

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I could swear executive producer was Dawood Rangan


Can anyone tell me what the point of these .JSONs are? They have one for every mission, says who each target is, if you’re allowed to save, what image shows up on the menu for this mission, yadda yadda

Here’s one for Opulent-Stingray (The Last Resort-Haven Island):

As you can see I set saving to false, deleted one target, and made it so your objective is to pacify another target instead of killing them.

But I save it, repackage it and load up the game and not a single thing is different. Literally what is the point of these files if they’re not actually determining the things written in them?

I even tried playing in offline mode incase it was being overwritten by an online file, made zero difference


Play in offline mode. Those JSON files are loaded from their server in online mode.

Oh nvm, just saw that you played in offline mode.

Edit: Anyways yeah, I’ve had luck changing those files in offline mode.


Hitman 2 Pacifist Speedrun when


I uploaded a new version of the Package Definition Patcher with a more reliable way to find Hitman 2’s location using appmanifest_863550.acf and libraryfolders.vdf (Valve’s steam files).

Can someone with multiple steam library folders (at least two) test the latest version (1.4.0) ? Thank you.


I’m a bit curious on how to get this to open.

I need to alt-tab when opening the menu so I can get to the game, however it instantly crashes.
I’m not entirely sure how I can open the menu and get into the game without hitting alt-tab.

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