Hitman 2 - Nightcall, minimap does not appear

I was playing last night, and the minimap was there as always.
Today when I went back, cuz I unlocked a new starting location, the beach, the minimap does not appear.

I exited, started over, rebooted the Xbox One X, did everything short of uninstall/reinstall.

Other missions in HM2 render the minimap without error. Just Hawke’s Bay now that I unlocked the new location.

Smells like a bug to me!

What if you start Hawke’s Bay then go into Game Options and scroll all the way down to Restore Defaults.

Certain things like perfomance xp won’t appear for me until I restore to default settings.
So that’ll maybe do the trick.

did u try entering the safe room?

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It took several minutes, but eventually it just appeared. I was in the living room. Clearly a bug. A weird one.

I’m on PC, and as far as I recall it always starts off on those two starting locations, it always comes back on in the security room for me, as it has just done now when I tested it. If you’re certain this is not how it used to be, then perhaps they ‘updated’ it to keep it in line with the first starting location, but this doesn’t strike me as a bug.