Hitman 2 not receiving credit for SA elusive target completions

I’m playing Hitman 2 on the PS4. I’ve completed the last two elusive targets with silent assassin rating and have not received credit for the either one. Despite the fact that it even shows I’ve completed the challenge for that elusive target and the challenge for silent assassin for that target, I’m not getting credit for it or the terminus suit.


Just to be sure… did you checked in the career section, if it registered any of your completion?
If not, then I suggest to check in the bug reports thread…

Also, I had this problem (I have the game on PS4 too) and a simple restart worked for me.

Yah I checked there as well. It’s showing no progression. I tried restarting too. Still nothing.

There are also other players experiencig this bug.You can have a look here at the most recent replies:

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