Hitman™ 2 - November 2019 Roadmap

This thread is for the discussion of the upcoming content in November 2019


I’m expecting a lot of unlocks from november :smile:

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Is it me or does the masamune look updated?


Yeah, a little… the handle looks white now, instead of black.

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I changed my mind about the masamune, I think it’s an okay unlock, not from a practical point of view but it’s fun to play shinobi with it

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Im a sucker for impractical melee unlocks. Cant wait for the masamune.

Happy birthday Hitman 2!!! You’ll always be one of my favorite games of all time! I remember when you hooked me with Hawke’s, wowed me with Miami, immersed me in Colombia, blew me away with Mumbai, got creative in Whittleton, and cranked up the atmosphere in Sgail! I love both New York and Maldives as well! I loved 2016 so much that I didn’t think anything could top it. I was wrong. May you forever be loved by Hitman fans and the gaming community as a whole!


YYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! Masamune is coming back!!!


Great Heist. Whittleton creek. I hope it utilizes the secret room. but it is a challenge pack so probably just “hit 5 cops with crowbar lol”


No ETs so far? Interesting, phasing them out I guess

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The Masamune just looks like a Tanto reskin.

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It’s a katana reskin. kappa

Oh, my lord I’ve been away from Hitman for too long. As of today, I have 20 feature contracts to do (I managed one of last months), 4 escalations, Haven Island, 2 Special Assignments and 3 challenge packs. Then there’s the remainder of this month . . . not enough hours in the day for gaming as well as going to work.


I wonder what this unannounced item will be? An ET with an extremely narrow time slot?

Halloween is, so far, high-quality content, so I don’t mind too much if we have a dry November and then have some excellent Christmas stuff.

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Could be a new pistol because a lot of @Salem leaks for the resort showed a lot of weapons that haven’t been used yet.


Perhaps, although I’m getting bored of pistols, unless they are have a particularly useful and unique attribute.

We have yet to get a new normal pistol. We’ve had a magnum pistol and tranq pistols. As for normal it’s long over due.

Leaked Items (will be updated)

Goldballer “Unreleased”


That’s far less tacky than I imagined the Goldballer to be!

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10/10 would take that over “Silverballer Mk. 2”


Their is another pistol which has a red dot scope, extended mag, and grip but I can’t find the post. :confused: