HITMAN™ 2: October 2019 Roadmap


The October Roadmap for HITMAN 2 brings a new Halloween mission, a brand new Elusive Target and more unlocks than ever before!

All of this month’s content is themed around Halloween; from the Serial Killer Elusive Target in Whittleton Creek, to the return of Legacy Challenge Packs and Escalation Contracts – as well as a new Challenge Pack! It’s all happening in HITMAN 2 and you’re invited to a full month of content!

October 3 / Escalation Contract

First up this month, an Escalation in Miami. Calling Dr. Rieper…

October 10 / Escalation Contract

Next stop: Mumbai. Get your first unlock this month by completing this 3-stage Escalation. The Imperial Classic with Gloves was previously an Elusive Target reward, but we’re making it available to all players because we made the decision not to create an ET contract on Mumbai for HITMAN 2. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new ET coming your way later this month…

October 11 / Legacy Elusive Target

Another suit unlock is up for grabs in this month’s only Legacy Elusive Target.

October 17 / Featured Contracts

Want to see your Contract in HITMAN 2 for all players to try? Head on over to the dedicated Featured Contracts Submission Thread to submit your contracts. Submissions close at 9 am CEST on October 14, so get your submissions in before then!

October 21 / IOI Monthly Episode 8

The IOI Community Team will be back in front of the cameras for a rundown of upcoming content, behind the scenes insight from developers – and maybe a spooky surprise.

Be sure to follow us on Twitch or Mixer – and be nofitifed the next time we go live!

October 22 / Halloween Escalation Contract

Halloween comes to HITMAN 2 with a themed Escalation Contract that promises to challenge all of your expectations. This permanent addition to the game will also reward players who are brave enough to complete it with two mystery rewards.

October 22 / Legacy Challenge Pack Bundle

The long-awaited return of Legacy Challenge Packs comes to HITMAN 2 in style. Three Challenge Packs, each with their own reward can be completed by anyone with the Legacy Pack. Look out for the Modern Sedative Syringe – a new unlock for HITMAN 2 that was only previously available in a HITMAN Bonus Mission.

October 25 / Elusive Target

Track down the Serial Killer in Whittleton Creek to unlock the Suburban Suit with Driving Gloves. Wait until the briefing arrives in game to get your first intel on this target.

October 31 / Legacy Escalation Bundle

We’ve hand-picked more Legacy Escalations for release – and we think they match our Halloween theme nicely – and we’ve chosen some of the most-loved Escalations to return. Look out for more next month too!

October 31 / Challenge Pack

Shortly after Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day (a real-world event), we invite you to unlock the Red-Tie Kiwi by completing new challenges in the Uninvited Challenge Pack. If you weren’t keeping count, that takes this month’s unlockable rewards to a total of 9!

October 22 / Game Update

All of that content is coming your way on October 22nd. We’ll have full release notes, maintenance details and any other necessary info on the site before then.


I have been in Sgail and Hawke’s Bay to try and recreate the angle used in that Escalation picture:

  • It cannot be done in Sgail as the grassy areas are very small and there is always a building or cliff in the background (or in the case of the funeral area, giant stones).
  • The tree and structure in background of image do not exist in Hawke’s Bay currently, nor the objects obviously, and there are surprisingly no rocks in the ground texture in HB, just bright beach sand and seaweed (It’s possible a dirt patch with rocks was added just for the escalation though)

Hold the FUCKING phone, we’re finally getting the sedative syringe? I think I need to get my playstation fixed.


Try old tree location in sgail

Where’s that?

It’s where you overhear the conversation regarding Jebediah Block, unlocking a Mission Story (called Winds of Change, I think).

Oh, the well; yeah I went there, the tall grass is only around the edges, only sea is in the background, so there’s no structure/fence in the background like in the picture, plus there’s a big rock in Sgail in that area. Honestly I looked everywhere in Sgail that there’s the tall grass.

I challenge anyone to recreate the angle themselves with Ansel


That tree has some rubble around it. Plus, it’s way bigger than the one on the picture. If I have to guess, It’s either Colombia, or whittleton creek. (tho I’m unsure about the last one)

Also, I think it’s going to be like the snowfest was in Hokkaido: snowsculptures outside, winter déco inside, different time of day (than situs inversus and PZ).
What is bothering me, is that I can’t make it out, what’s in the background, besides the dead tree.

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Only an Escalation? I hoped a Halloween mission :pensive:


I hope its sgail, as that would mean we wont get the hawkes bay suit as an unlock for it, but actually the suit and a new gadget!

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It’s pretty dangerous to be excited for that halloween escalation since I’m 99% sure it’s gonna disappoint if I would be. I hope it’s a Colorado one, but it’s probably be boring Isle of Sgail.

I feel like a huge chunk of this community set their expectations too high to begin with to be fair. It is an Escalation with a Halloween theme. That’s it. Carved pumpkins and shit are nice to see, but it’s still just an Escalation at the end of the day.


But escalations are fun.

And most of the expectations are set by IOI themselfs. To be fair; they dont talk about anything. While Ubisoft already reveals what will be with the game in a year or two, pointing out release windows for expansions and their themes, we dont even knew what this year had in store for us hitman players many months after the release. They just dont talk with us. And aslong as they keep creating great content, but dont reveal much, or anything, all we can do is set expectations at the level of current or past content we already got. Its not that much of our fault, to be honest.

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Yeah, I’m betting this Halloween escalation is in Hawke’s Bay. That tall grass and overcast-type sky just feels like the beach of HB.


I’m going to predict the serial killer is in whittleton Creek. Don’t know why but that seems like where it’s gonna be


Pretty sure this in the Maldives
A secret achievement that has a ship as a logo with(sails? The thing that are like huge sheets on a ship) and the background has something extremely similar + it would make sense releasing it there

Scarecrow challenge sucks so much, by far the worst to come.


However it’s fun to run around setting people on fire


I think that conceptually it’s odd to have Halloween decorations in Sgail. Doesn’t look like a secret island of the elites would be hosting such a thing as a Halloween party or something. But I’m thinking Halloween in a “fun” way.
Maybe these elite cultists are performing harvest related pagan rituals in a more “serious” way so the concept could actually work.

“I had a dream” we could get a trick or treating night in Whittleton Creek, disguise galores and a few haunted houses to enter for Halloween, but that might be too much to ask after so many great releases these past months.

I’m still excited about these brief sneak peeks anyways!