Hitman 2 Performance/Optimization Thread


Discuss performance and optimisation of Hitman 2 on PC and consoles here! There are 4 months still left for launch so we can just speculate for now!

Season 1 was CPU intensive and performance while not being very good at launch was stabilized by patches almost every month. It runs better on AMD hardware compared to Nvidia most probably because of their partnership with them. NPCs took a big part of the processing power as seen from levels/locations like Marrakech which had thousands of NPCs and hence is the most demanding level of the game.

There are going to be even more NPCs in levels from Hitman 2 with the NPC count of Miam being around 2000(not sure though) confirmed by IOI.

Steam mentioned requirements are same as S1 and considering the fact that pretty much every feature is improved and/or upgraded there’s a good chance for the optimization to be improved as well!

As of consoles the game ran at 1080p and 900p on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. On PS4 Colorado and Hokkaido ran at 60fps at all times, Paris and Sapienza at about 40-45 and Marrakech and Bangkok at 30-40. Keep in mind I play on the PS4 and the stats are from my experience, so don’t hesitate to correct something you think is false! A patch was released for PS4 Pro systems which made the game run at 4k resolution but at a locked framerate at 30 or a high performance mode which runs the game at standard 1080p(or maybe 1440? I’m not sure, will edit soon!) resolution but at a higher framerate. I haven’t played on the Xbox though so I can’t write anything about it but if an Xbox user is kind enough to give details I’ll add them here! Similar to Pro an Xbox One X patch was released as well following the system’s release.

It’s very impressive the game manages to run at 60 fps on consoles even if in certain parts ! There are very few games in this category let alone the whole library which manage to run at 60 or even(on PS4) 1080p combined!( Battlefield 1 ran at 900p/60).
The only other games with stealth and sophisticated AI I can think of are MGS:V: smooth 1080/60 fp all times, (considered black magic by some!) and Sniper Elite 4 which managed to run at at least 40-45 fps on all levels!

So how do you think Hitman 2’s performance/optimization will turn out?


I think (on PC) there will be almost no optimalisation. I think the FPS (40 to 60) will be most likely be lower with my current Pc, so am thinking about upgrading from a GTX 1050TI to a 1070 or 1080 — from an I5-6400 to an I7-8700(K).


I think it may fare a bit better than 2016 since IO/I have more experience with optimisation for level assets/memory budgets etc. thanks to work with 2016’s levels. But, things like the unfortunate staff cuts + significant work of optimising all levels in the same time frame, make that prediction more uncertain.

For PC, would’ve have really liked to see Nixxes work on both, especially with improving menu performance and PC controls. Likely the episodic nature of 2016 didn’t permit that, which is a shame. In addition to the gunplay, I thought Nixxes’ Absolution port was great.


My cousin using 1050Ti+7300HQ+8GB ram, I was used 1080Ti+7820X+64GB ram and now waiting for 2080Ti

Absolution’s optimization was good but 2016’s sucks.

I don’t even want to believe 1050Ti can’t run H2016 1080P med-high settings at 60FPS (Game doesn’t even allow med-high settings for Texture, idk why, he was downloaded 2016 from Fitgirl). In benchmark, I’ve even saw 4 FPS as min fps.

My system running 2016 very smoothly (3840x2160, HDR On 60 fps but fixed to 30 because I don’t like 60 fps), bought from Steam (GOTY).

So I hope H2 can run more smoothly both of our systems


I played Season 1 on PC the vast majority of my time and it has ran just fine. I’ve got a somewhat outdated gaming PC, but i can still run it at about 50 fps on average. Absolution runs much better at, say, about 80 fps. I wish IOI does their utmost best to further optimize the game and make it run as smoothly as possible, but either way, i’m happy with my current performance.

On a side note about the PC version: I’d love it if IOI would finally implement the slow walking to keyboard controls.


They have! @Lasse_IOI showed the setting option ‘toggle slow walk - Alt’


Really? They finally patched that in :open_mouth: ? Awesome! Thanks, man, now following NPCs isn’t a total chore to do.


It likely runs more smoothly on AMD hardware because that’s what is in the home (non-portable) consoles.
Direct X has been a big problem for a while since the PS4/slim/pro, XboxOne/One S/One X have all used relatively lightweight AMD chips but Windows versions still suffer. (The GameCube, Wii, WiiU Xbox / 360 used ATI chips from before they were bought by AMD. The whole Switch running an Nvidia chip thing was kind of a coup.)


Giving this one a bump. I’m running:

i7 6700k
16gb RAM
MSI Gaming X RX480 8gb

Thus far (Hawkes Bay, Miami) I’m getting at or near 60fps mostly at 1440p with LOD set to high and shadows at medium. Everything else is maxed. Vsync is off (my monitor supports Freesync).

FPS for me dips to 40s when near Hawkes Bay foliage or when indoors looking outside (again the swaying foliage).

Hitman 2 definitely more taxing as I cruised above 60fps always in H2016 with those settings (albeit dx12).

The difference between LOD low vs ultra is a lot more negligible (I really can’t distinguish any disadvantage) than shadows at medium vs high so I’ll try LOD at low and shadows at high when I play tonight.

I’d love to see a dx12 option down the track but overall I’m happy with how the game runs. :slight_smile:


Good news, Hitman2 doesn’t throw the gigantic hissy fit (5+ minute startup) that Hitman: No Subtitle did when launching in crossfire mode with a RX580 8GB and a RX480 4GB.