Hitman 2: possible locations


You can argue here and the majority vote rules.



i think we will get a new level in a huge office building, like in Silent Assassin, the Kuala Lumpur Towers,probably the HQ of Providence.


That would be great. Providence are definitely the kind to hide in plain sight, so I can imagine that.


Could it be Iceland? I think it’s somehow connected with Olivia Hall but I’m not certain


I can’t remember that connection but I’ll take your word for it haha I know the Delgado cartel are mentioned in it, so Mexico might be in.


hoping that sniper assassin wedding is a location in the real game we can explore.


I was thinking the same thing. That map just looks way to fun to just sit outside of.


Let’s get a mission in Antwerpen.


I heard some talk about a mission in a german forest. Some guy said he completed a survey way back when, Miami with a race track was there too, and now hitman.com mentions a foresty location.



I don’t know if this will be a town, or part town, part jungle/rain forest. My thinking was a town due to the training exercise the “freedom fighters” were doing in the barn, where they ram a limo, then shoot it up, etc.

I’ve already envisioned a Mission/Church with stucco walls on the outside, a good number of street vendors selling useless souvenirs (“I sell to you for $20.00… No? Okay $5.00?” -This is anecdotal, based on what someone I know said happened when they visited Mexico)… Kinda part Sapienza, part Marakesch… and who-knows-what-else.

I’d get a kick out of it if Birdie from Absolution was down there, hiding out. :laughing:


If there’s anyone I’d like to kill, its Birdie :stuck_out_tongue: Elusive target perhaps haha Lei Ling is overdue an appearance too.

A church mission would be nice. Though if it is that Mexican politician target, it may be more of a Murder of Crows setup, as stated in Freedom Fighters, their plan is to attack a moving convoy.


What’s all this about survey!?


dark and dangerous rainforests




The Delgados are from Chile.


Maybe Africa. A lot of time was mentioned Crystal Dawn, an african terroristic group. It could be a possible location


Church of Ascendants sounds a lot like Scientology, so I want to kill them now.


But they’re present also in Mexico, where they plan to kill the president. So it could be possible. In Paris I remember a NPC mentioning Hector and Rico Delgado.


Johannesburg, South Africa - ETHER HQ Why? Because the infamous headquarters of ETHER were talked a lot during, cutscenes & just missions of S1 in general. Being a yet prominent part of S1, being proclaimed the best pharmacuitical company in the world and the one of the sponsors of the Miami race along with Kronstadt industries, the building that is the Headquarters should prove no exception to be big as it was shown in the Sapienza WoT briefing, so I believe it’s going to be a prominent location in S2 atleast.


It’d be baller as fuck if we got a level based on the CERN facility.


What about a South Eastern Asia country where we must kill Po family, mentioned in Paris and Sapienza?