Hitman 2: Possible Locations


I expect Mexico, just got that feeling.


but…but Po’s Father is the Sun and the Moon :cry:


I was referring to their operations in Mexico.


It would be Ballas as fuck if we got a level based on Grove Street.


This is a map for possible areas for the presumed Hamsun Oil level image





Waiting for those airport and prison missions bois.


I would kick a puppy through a ceiling fan for a train mission.



I’ll make it look like an accident.


What about a mission on a train where some bad guys are hijacking the train to steal some pure-bred puppies and you have to rescue them?


Just found out that the U’wa Tribe is a real Thing and seems to fight Oil Exploitation :flushed:

The Plot thickens, 47…



It would be cool in the rainforest level to rig animal traps, like hang a snake from a tree so when someone passes by…CHOMP!


Edinburgh castle would be pretty cool, when they have the military tatoo, assassinate a royal would be fitting I guess, I just love that castle, but yeah a castle level would be cool.


I’d be happy with an airport and you’ve got to locate the target inside the airport before he catches his flight for example.


If it was a non commercial flight then I guess there could also be a chance to blow up the plane too.


Give me Antwerpen and Greece and I’ll be happy


I always felt the airport would have been a great way to choose your missions. Sort of like a HQ but for missions lol


If we’re talking castles I would have to go for Bran Castle. You’d need a grappling hook to get into that mofo ha