Hitman 2: Possible Locations


The Olympic Stadium in Athens would be an amazing level. One target on the field, another in the VIP box.


There are some locations I would like to visit in Hitman


However, it’s hard to image what IOI has in store for us. While there are a bunch of NPC that could end up as future targets, that doesn’t mean they’re in a location one would expect them to be. Maybe we assassinate Fanin in bank. Maybe we assassinate him while he’s on a cruise. Or in a ski resort. Or when he’s meeting with Torres during a social event at an old Aztec Pyramid.

Still I’m taking a few guess: A mission at Ether’s RD facility in Johannesburg (or another such facility in different city) sounds intriguing. Like the laboratory area in Sapienza but much bigger and with additional area. Then again, maybe IOI feels that it would be too similar to World of Tomorrow and Situs Inversus.

A Church of Ascendant mission is another possibility. If they are sect, they probably own a lot of land. So 47 could infiltrate their headquarter and stumble upon some dark secrets. Shiny, bright buildings but utterly corrupt people. Then again, the Church of Ascendants may just be one of the many things that were added to make the world of Hitman feel more alive. They may not even play a role in the story of the game.


One last location I’d love to see is, the dance event in the Amsterdam arena, ‘Sensation Black’ and you have to take out Technoboy and DJ Luna :slight_smile:


We both know there’s going to be an opera house mission at some point. Its just too Hitman-esque to leave out :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the COA, every organisation that’s mentioned seems to be foreshadowing future missions. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to take them out. Unless Patient Zero was originally based on them and they just changed it.

I would LOVE if the final mission was the Romanian Asylum where Shadow Client has told you to confront him, seeing as how that’s where they’re both from. Would be a perfect final mission for these “seasons”


Just checked out Sensation Black. I want a mission there now lol


It could top the clubbing missions from previous games (always loved the club missions) and would be dam fun and musical while doing so lol :slight_smile:


Could be the next Meat King’s Party but on a larger scale for sure. IO have a tendency to re-indulge in fan-favourite missions. If we’re talking music though, I’d like an assassination during a large symphony. Hasn’t been done yet.


No but that does remind me of ‘Curtains Down’ when the opera music was blaring you could use that item from your cloak :wink: And yes I agree that would be an epic level if there was a full blown symphony, maybe you can be the trombone player :stuck_out_tongue:


Or better yet, the piano player. Use one of the strings to garrotte the bassoonist lol


I’m picturing 47 now blending in on the piano :slight_smile:


Remember Ave Maria from Blood money well I will be playing that tune at my wedding, when I decide to find my man lol :slight_smile:

Sorry for off topic had to throw it in here :slight_smile:


When I say Greece, I really mean Greek Islands. But the arena would be interesting.


London? We saw Olivia there last.


I wonder if Olivia will be a target or someone you have to save from another target.


Oh I couldn’t agree more. Though you might get paranoid about the cake being poisoned.


Olivia is one of the most important allies of Shadow Client and he has a lot of information about him. Maybe we have to kill her and steal data from her computer


Definitely a possibility…but didn’t I kill you in Tubeway Torpedo? :open_mouth:


I’ll like a wedding or funeral like the ones in Till Death Do Us Apart. A nuclear power plant would be great too. For country suggestions, I’ll like to see an Indian or Chinese map.


Football stadium maybe https://youtu.be/4oUCoqHK7Uw?t=144
Airport https://youtu.be/L7uSxF0mtOM?t=4

or a mission in Burj Khalifa, Dubai.


I love snowy settings, so I’m holding out for maybe a ski resort of some kind. It really doesn’t matter in what country.