Hitman 2: Possible Locations


I’m biased of course, but I’m still hoping for an English/UK based location. I don’t really care exactly where -either city or countryside would be cool… as long as it’s raining! (Beldingford Manor is still my fave mission in the entire franchise).

Mind you, wherever in the world 47 goes to, you can rest assured it will be populated by white people with British, American & Australian accents.


Hey folks, just to bring us back on track, there are another two possible locations for Hitman 2.

Reykjavik, Iceland - where Olivia Hall is currently involved in an operation against Hamsun Oil.

Berlin, Germany - where Alma Reynard is currently based on a mission.


Yes, you killed me. I’m angry with you. I was having fun torturing that stupid Cia agent when you shot me.


An English location without rain would be completely inaccurate to any source I would have to give the game 0/10.


How cool would a rainy Alton Towers be :slight_smile: And yes I fully agree (especially if in Scotland) no rain, no score lol


I really wish they had used the original concepts for Paris where it had been raining and it had been night instead of late evening.


An Irish location would be cool. Somewhere like Galway at night. Plus its always raining too lol


What about a mission in a Bdsm club? It could be funny to see 47 with strange outfits :joy: and we could kill the target in funny ways :rofl:


I would love to see a Location from the previous games to be remade for Sniper Assassin. I was particularly thinking about Flatline from Blood Money. it has lots of sniping potential, plus I would love to those beautiful gardens with modern graphics :star_struck:


Ever play Hitman: Contracts? The second mission is a bdsm party but set in a slaughterhouse :stuck_out_tongue:


Flatline is a good shout, though if I had to choose I would be stuck between The Murder of Crows or the Gontranno Church during a Sicilian mafia wedding or something. Better yet, it would be great to actually create your own maps with a level editor. That will never happen though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I know, but I mean a real bdsm mission, with where 47 can take a bdsm outfit, can interact in some ways with that outfit. Special assassinations. We could whip target to death for example :joy:. In Meat King’s Party there were only some dancers with latex suits. But nothing more.


@theinternet11 and I were discussing Mexico City as a possible candidate for a location, more specifically the Guadalajara and the area outside of it.
From what we saw from images it was just too good of an area to pass up both gameplay wise and aesthetics! It’s beautiful!


Does anyone remember that Guy, who claimed he had seen Artworks and early Builds of the Levels, short before Season 1 was released?
iirc he said that one of the Levels is set on an Oil Refinery - i think now, that it was maybe true and the Rainforest Level could be a Hansum Oil Refinery, set in the Jungle?

Edit: it was the user @cloud94, and he was right with Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido as Locations - only Colorado turned out to be a Apricotfarm, instead of the said Oil Refinery.


That thread is how I found this forum a year or so ago haha was sick of the whole episodic release nonsense and needed to know what the last three missions were.

Apparently Olivia Hall was making her way to Iceland to sabotage Hamsun Oil in some way. Then again, the Amazon rainforest has lots of oil too. So its anyone’s guess lol


They should do a mission in Jamaica or somewhere Ganja Related. 47 could be forced to get high with a group of teenagers in order to get closer to a target, which has adverse effects. They could call the mission Agent 420.


It’s definitely a possibility. I really think they’ve taken it a step further with the likes of Miami, and glad to see they’ve kind of distanced themselves from the whole spy-thriller vibe. I think Mexico would be a great choice. I’m starting to get the feeling that if it is going to be featured, its DEFINITELY going to be during a Day of the Dead festival, which in turn would bring us our new Murder of Crows missions :wink:


would definitely fit their James Bond Approach.


neot really a possible one but more a “I would like to see”, because I love dino’s, or a museum with dinoskeletons, could open up some accidents or a fake Jurassic park movie set with an animatronic trex with 2 cars (one upside down) and you can create a accident kill a la Dino Bosco (nicely named Dino now that I think of it…


Haha that would be cool. Or if a target is standing under the T-Rex skeleton, you can make it collapse and it lands on the target with its mouth like in Hook :stuck_out_tongue: