Hitman 2: Problem codes with pre-order GameStop Rome(IT)


Hi Everybody, I would like to ask you about a problem with all the preorders here in Rome.
I’ve preordered the Collector’s Edition of Hitman 2 at GameStop almost 1 month ago. They Don’t have any code for download Hitman Sniper Assassin (still today), and also i think i can’t play the game 4 days before the release if i don’t do something. So i ask you, someone have the same issue? Thanks.


It was the same shit with sniper challenge in 2012, i really dunno how game stop italy still having exclusives like this.


Ordered in store or online?


In store. At the moment i’m in contact with the customer service of gamestop. Let see what they do…


They are careless, and thankfully, almost dead thanks to Amazon and other competitors.


They deserve to die for poor customer service and treatment. Not the workers, I would feel bad that they lose their jobs, but screw that company.

I had t ocall and argue to get my code because they refused to e-mail me the code. You know, like the online pre-order SAYS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

There is a whole other thread about this.