Hitman 2 problems for Silver Edition owners on console

I bought the silver edition on PS4 when the game came out and everything was running smooth and sweet, UNTIL second Siberia SA map came out and everything went to s***, I’m starting to doubt my loyalty towards the franchise, I really want to play the new map but couldn’t buy it on its own (don’t know if this is a marketing strategy IOI, but it sucks) but then I heard about the Silver to Gold upgrade and thought it was a great idea, little did I know that it was only on PC which it’s kinda not very fair even thought I’m an FPS PC gamer but I like to play Action/3rd person games on PS4 with my non-PC friends, so I went on reddit to see if other people had the same problems as me and read about the expansion pass discount, thought okay I’m willing to pay for stuff I already OWN but I’ll do it for a discount, but have not found the discount on the store as it’s only on other regions but the U.S.

I am very disappointed at iOi, it’s like they just forgot about people who paid extra but not extra enough. I used to be a big fan of iOi and even concerned with the whole square enix break-up but now I don’t know anymore.

Hope somebody at iOi reads this and help us and some bot who’s just gonna tell me to find similar topics on the forum instead of posting one.

I totally agree. I bought silver edition and have no way to access the new Siberia sniper map without purchasing the expansion pass. Which includes content I already own… IOI please release a silver to gold upgrade so us silver edition owners can play