Hitman 2 problems on Google Stadia

Hello All,

Yesterday i bought Hitman 2 on Google Stadia, after playing for about 10 minutes i’ll have stuttering and Pixelated gameplay.

I also tried other games with Google Stadia like RDR2 and Metro 2033 Redux.
Those games worked fine, there was no stuttering and no Graphical issues.

My wifi has the full speed of 150 mbps.
So for Stadia that should be more then enough.
The Stadia setting for the graphical quality was set to the highest for me which is 1080p

I also reached out to Google with this problem, but they had no earlier reports about this, and they said to me that i’ll needed to contact IO Interactive with this problem.

Can someone help me with solving these problems that i’ll have with Hitman 2?

Many Thanks,

OMG Hitman 3 not released yet! what`s a problem on Stadia!

The pre-order of H3 for Stadia will begin within a month.

That’s cool, but Hitman 2 on stadia has problems for me. Can i contact io support?

My reply was for @freawertyhn who said H3 isn’t available on Stadia.

To let developers know you have such an issue, I’ll tag our communications manager, @Travis_IOI.

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@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI can you guys help me with my Stadia problems? and look into my issue?

I don’t have a solution to this problem, just wanted to say that I’m experiencing the same problems. My internet speed is 500 Mbps up and down. So internet speed is definitely not the reason.

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So maybe it’s the game itself that is the problem, and not stadia?