Hitman 2 PS4 video upload issues


all my upload videos from Hitman 2 got some ragging and skipping part it’s only happen in Hitman 2 game with other games are fine ,

it’s missing some good parts

Can anyone please check ??
I record and upload on PS4 Pro


This has nothing to do with Hitman 2. That happens randomly. It will happen much less if you the “length of video clip” time limit


Well known Mr.Freezee2244 experiencing the same.
Some time ago he replaced his connective cable and those glitches gone, but recently they came back. He’s also on PS4.
Ths issues may be caused by soon-to-crash HDD, little free disk space, corrupted sectors on HDD etc


I used to have a lot of issues with skipping vids. Really annoying when recording hitman vids. You can do a few things that help with preventing it.

1: the most important help is to delete your old recordings and keep your library of recordings as low as possible. The lower amount of saved vids you have, the less likely it will skip.

2: lower your recording time. 5, 10 and 15 minutes seem to do the least amount of skipping that I have noticed.

3: do not download anything while you are looking to have your video recording. Downloading causes bottlenecking and causes skips too.

These 3 things really helped me get my hitman vids to stop skipping. I rarely have a skip now, but I also don’t have 20 minutes or longer videos to record so if you do, then keep it as low as you can with the other 2 suggestions I gave and hope it does not skip as much. But point number 1 is most important. Keep your recordings of ALL your vids from all games to a low as possible as that memory really affects recording performance for some reason.

It’s kind of funny, my original day 1 launch fat PS4 never skipped until the last patch before the launch of ps4 pro which is when I started to notice the skips. It could have been in connection with them adding the new times in recording because before only 15 mins was available.

Hopefully these help.


Thanks i will try , really appriciate this