Hitman 2 - Rant About the State of the Game

Stuck in the door? Just release shift for half a sec and cut at an angle. It needs some practice. I wouldn’t call it a glitch. It can happen in this game also.

Or are you are talking about the one which was in specific spots? like the door in sapi which leads to the lab.
But in S2, you can get stuck on pretty much everything

and not sure what invisible walls you’re talking about m8

Not sure how the player not stopping to pickup the items makes S2 more fluid than S1 when there’s so many other things which break the flow like the post by chaos above or not being able to pickup items while dragging bodies, no insta boom, delay between switching items etc.
Also player stopping to pickup the items helped in avoiding the stutter steps (which are much worse in this game). Pickup the item, open the inventory just before the animation is complete and you get no stutter.
And player not stopping to pickup the items is also in S1. Just need to have FE, PT or any large item in the hand.

Don’t know why this is unfixable when it’s not there in S1 in any spot. Having more maps shouldn’t affect this. Distance is always calculated by drawing a straight line between the player and the npc regardless of the floor. Why not see the logic they used in S1.

I still hate that I can not trust Master mode to not crash. It almost makes me wish we could play master mode with saves even if that meant our scores didn’t count or maybe offline only. I really hope S3 doesn’t have this issue.

I believe that the majority of players are content and satisfied with the game as it is and want more of the same from hitman lll. Does the game have minor problems that need to be fixed? of course. Like the kalmer glitch and the glitch where sometimes you can’t shoot your gun or do anything (happens with the kalmer and sieker) I expect them to address and fix these issues in the next game and I also expect added features and improvements in the game (just like they did in hitman 2 by adding the briefcase and other stuff) I don’t see the need to make a huge shift in terms of vision for this game to please few players who don’t find this game as enjoyable as the older hitman games. If they don’t enjoy it don’t play it simple as that. Now if the majority of the players are not satisfied that’s a different issue, but that’s not the case.


i believe overall the people are content and satisfied with the game only because this game managed to get a lot more new players than 2016, lots of known members of this forum came from this new one instead of 2016, so i can see that. but you got to think or remind yourself that these “few players” that aren’t satisfied kept 2016 for the most part alive/active. i don’t want special treatment or fixes that only benefit me or are looked for me, but i would like if they would listen to this “few players”.

but coming from 2016 this one is more than a let down, idk if most of you were in here in 2016, but this forum was daily discussed/talked and with constant new contracts from everyone to try out and play, and was overall more active. i’m sorry but nowadays i just don’t see any activity at all, i don’t see people streaming or uploading stuff from this game AT ALL. for the most part who streams this is new to the game, if you exclude CJ, Munga and Geeky + Frote’s community.

have you seen fkg, glue, ano, chaos, pagan and way more stream/upload anything from this game? hell no because it is such a let down for most of us coming from 2016. bear in mind these streams/uploads would happen on a daily basis.

but this “rant/discussion” will never reach a stable place, the people invested in 2016 are going to hate/dislike this game, new people will like it and it’s almost impossible to get into a middle point where both agree.


So there being a world ranking for main missions is why not everyone plays featured contracts? I disagree but

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Paris & Sapienza = Mumbai

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I came from the beginning of 2016, and I prefer Hitman 2

The public opinion of these games is not as black and white as you think


this is like talking to a wall.

hence why i said most of us coming from 2016 mentioning some names. in no moment i said everyone. i also said that overall the people are content and satisfied with the game. this is why it is pointless to have any discussions as all of you are super sensitive when some of us prefer 2016 over H2 and the sole reason why i said there can never be a middle point where both can agree.

guess i’ll just peace out, pointless to continue.

All wraith said was that he’s from 2016 and prefers Hitman 2. He literally offered a different opinion and really didn’t overreact or attack anyone. Not exactly overly sensitive


I was referring to the new game as a whole (S1 & S2) not just 2018. I played since the beginning (Only paris and sapi were available) I know some people didn’t like it from the beginning and S2 didn’t change that for them like Kotti for example and others. I personally enjoyed 2016 maps better than the new season but it’s just a personal taste. I was more talking about the people who have a problem with the current formula of the game and the vision IOI has for the game.

unfortunately this is just a consequence of burnout. you can’t keep the hype train the same when the formula has been essentially the same over the course of 3 games. 2016 was something really new and exciting for us, and the activity was high and exciting. but the reality is, people don’t stay interested for that long.

unfortunately, the state of H2 was not the best for speedrunners, so it simply amplified the burnout that many of them felt. my hope is that H3 will reinvigorate the community, and there will be even more community support alongside a very polished game :slight_smile:


It will probably do so, but the game had issues they never bothered fixing, and it felt like they waited for the community to move on, and forget about the issues, but I just hope they tried fixing everything in H3

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that’s definitely what they’re trying to do. unfortunately they had to drop the bug fixing in H2 because otherwise, H3 would be the same buggy mess that H2 was. i’d much rather them fix everything in H3, and maybe go back to H2 later


That definitely isn’t the case because Frote’s Speedrun Community has carried out that for as far as to host tournaments for cash money. It was that, along with its uniqueness, that made it off the ground and became popular. It introduced new ways of playing the game, and has got people talking.


Yay! (20 Characters, eh)

for *some speedrunners. mainly the ones that had enough of an audience to bring swaths of people into the community. i love that the frote community is alive and active but it doesnt have the same pull factor, afaik


I’ve never been a speedrunner, I like playing around the environment too much.
Also my favorite level from 2 is probably isle of Sgail.
I’m probably the only one there, I just love the atmosphere and how it seems there are so many ways to get around to each area


What about the improvements?Should we forget about them?
And the atmosphere of the maps is better,especially the soundtrack.
These are the reasons why I like H2 more.

You should at least provide only good examples.
Pagan has uploaded a lot of Hitman 2 videos on Youtube.Not on a daily baisis,but very often.You can see that he does challenges(roulettes) or other stuff related to Hitman 2 almost weekly.
Chaos also has a decent amount of vidoes related to Hitman.Even though they aren’t as many as for H2016,he said in his interview for his curated batch that HITMAN 2 is the best Hitman game.

Here is the part where he said that:

Also,the amount of videos related to Hitman 2 of a player does not necessarily prove you that player thinks H2016 is better than H2.
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Alot if not all of the players he mentioned do however think that though. And they have good reasons as to why: mechanical stuff is very important for them, just like atmosphere is important to you.

He said it’s his favorite game. Favorite does not equal best. And the reason he gave was because of the sniping, and we all know chaos loves his sniper. So understandable


If you go into twitch there’s a bunch of people streaming H2. The game has reached a wider audience, just not a YouTube one like the 2016 game did

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