Hitman 2 Release Day


Just curious to see what other people did on release day? Anyone take the day off work? Anyone managed to get a midnight release or anything like that? Fortunately the release falls on a Friday I for one have a put a holiday in and will not be moving from my gaming room until Monday morning :joy: I have instructed my other half to keep bringing food and tea to keep me going.


I am dreading the approach of release day. I have not ordered HITMAN 2.

My only real choices are Standard Edition or Gold Edition so I get both Expansions. But I don’t know what the expansions are. :frowning:

Wish IOI would say something.

I just want to know these are new maps or bonus episodes reworking older maps etc.


Luckily HITMAN 2 comes out around the time my Uni corses finish so I will have months of Hitman ahead of me.


Well, i’ll be moving to Greenland by the end of the month, so I probably won’t be able to pick it up utill i get a chance to get back home to Denmark on vacation :pensive: So on release day i’ll be stuck with reading the reviews :sweat_smile:


I’d recommend going for the Gold sedition most definitely, if you haven’t pre-ordered means you’ll be able to pop into on the 9th November and get the gold edition only, don’t think the standard edition has early access does it?

@Accidental-kills98 perfect timing then :+1:t2::joy:

@codename nothing worse than not being able to play a game or new DLC when your away, has happened to me plenty of times this year. Don’t worry pretty sure the guys on here will keep you up to speed!


Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about it! :smile:


THANK GOD Gold Edition releases on Friday, so I can play hard all weekend.

Feeling bad for Tuesday players. :smile:


I’m going to book annual leave as well that friday. I think this is the only game I’m looking forward to this year, well besides DQ11 but I’m willing to wait for that one until Christmas.

So I have a question myself. What will be the first thing you guys do in Season 2?

Will you give the updated S1 maps a quick playthrough?
Will you jump straight into the new maps?

I will tell you what I’m going to do. I want to study the new challenge unlock system being touted and probably do a quick replay of the updated S1 maps for story recap and early unlocks.


The “play the game early by spending more money” trend is fucking gross. I’m not supporting that so I guess I won’t be playing the game until the normal release on the 13th.

No special plans currently but I might take a day or two off.


RDR2 and HITMAN 2 my November is going to be packed


There’s no way I’ll be able to play the Legacy pack before Hitman 2 lol can’t wait to get stuck in to Columbia! I’m hibernating this winter on my PS4

I agree with you though, I’m looking forward to seeing how they implement the unlock system into season 1

@quinn won’t be purchasing the upgraded edition then? CE or gold?


Getting Silver edition. I bought it because it was on sale on Green Man Gaming, I don’t usually preorder but make exceptions for Hitman.


same here, i bought the Gold Edition this time, because the CE doesnt look like its worth its money.

i’ll take friday and monday off from work, so i can play the shit out of Hitman 2.

Anyone else plans to grind Mastery Levels from Season One before playing Hitman 2?


If you mean the improved version then yes but only simple ones. I don’t want to wait too long before jumping into the new maps :slight_smile:


On release day, I’ll probably be sitting, watching the game downloading.
I have 2.5 Mbps and eventhouth I’ve pre-ordered, it’s probably be 2-3 days after release, before I can play …


Same speed of download if not 1.7 mb. But for you it will start the pre download 5 days earlier and can play it at midnight. Usually that’s how it works for COD.

Instead me, have to go at gamestop at 8:40 am while people already finished the game overnight. Go back home which is 25 km away and wait for the game update to download which I hope it will be as usual the 1.7 gb.

@MrOchoa I won’t even touch anymore season 1 till it’s not updated. I want to feel like I’m playing it over again like the first time.
But I will make a Hitman marathon of all games before H2.


Pre-ordered the Collectors Edition and got off for 3 1/2 weeks starting at the 9th november. I’m so excited to play the new game and discover new maps and targets. Day 1 will be 24/7 playing Hitman :smiley:


I’ll try to stay at home at midnight to be able to play as soon as possible. If I’ll have articles to write I’ll do them before midnight to be free

I’ll do a Hitman Marathon after completing Hitman 2 and Legacy Pack. And I won’t touch anymore Season 1 till it isn’t updated. It doesn’t make sense for me, if we will play enhanced maps.


Of course I’ll be playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin :rofl:

JK, 7/24 Hitman 2 (2018) time until finish it.

With the RTX 2080 Ti I will enjoy Ray Tracing and DLSS feature.


I hope that pre-load will be possible.

@Travis_IOI any words on this? :smile: