Hitman 2 Release Day


Shadow Of Tomb Raider opened for pre-load before 2 day of the it’s release date so I guess Hitman 2 will opened for preload to November 7 (for Gold/CE buyers) and November 11 (for Normal/Silver buyers)


Same, I just can’t go back knowing they are going to improve it and add new things. Plus it’s been a lot of months since I don’t play season 1. But still do a mission here and there on the old ones.


No word yet on this.


I want to work for ICA, is that possible :sweat_smile:


When season 1 released it didn’t unlock until the afternoon of release day. Could you at least avoid that situation again :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess is that you’re on PC. Sometimes, we can’t control that and it’s because of timezone differences and various policies. We’ll communicate the release times early enough so that you know what to expect.


As I suggested before. If you can’t have it then create it!

You want my CV in case you start?


Actually I want create an agency like ICA :grinning::grinning:

And yes, I believe you’d be a valuable agent so feel free to sending your CV





I’m also looking forward to seeing some of your newest sniper kills. Miami is supposedly larger than any map from S1, which of course, should be paradise for an expert marksman.:slight_smile:


Anyone think they might ever go back to S1 when the new game drops? It really seems like S2 is a full replacement. Might be interesting to go back later down the line to compare but that’s about it.

Edit: to clarify I’m talking about the original S1 exe


Definitely, especially with the Legacy Pack being added, at some stage ill start from Paris and work my way through both games 100%


Ah just to clarify I meant the original S1 not the upgrade


I won’t, don’t see a good reason to, S2 seems like an upgrade in everyway. plus S1 takes 60gb of space, might as well uninstall it and only have S2 with the Legacy DLC on my HDD


Ahh I see what you meant, in that case I agree with @SCAgent just keep S2 with the legacy


I’ll try to get the whole week free so i can enjoy the game like needed :slight_smile:


If the game is available for download by the time I get up on the 9th, I’ll probably be letting it download and install while I’m at work, then I’ll have the whole weekend to bask in its glory.

I may treat the first level/mission like an elusive and make a video of my playthrough.


Well this year is gonna be different.

If I read , people who get the Ultimate edition will be able to start playing Fri 11/9 and the rest Tue 11/13 notice how each release book ends the NFL for that weekend.

I have pre ordered the the ultimate edition 149.99 at gamestop. I currently have paid 125.00 so I’m almost paid.

I’m not sure if there will be a midnight release thursday into friday. I’ll be off Friday to start playing. I wonder how long it will take for MR freeze2244 to start having videos up lol.

I’ll be playing non stop till Eagles game, but we play dallas on sunday night that week so , I’ll take a 3 hr break and then right back on hitman 2.


Does anyone know if the ICA 19 “Blackballer” pistol is going to be in the Hitman 2 standard edition? because the silver edition describes it as an extra but it came standard in Hitman 1 as the first pistol.
You know the classic black 1911 with silencer.


Same here, go birds!!!