Hitman 2 Release Day


the blackballer is not the ICA19. the gun is the same but it’s a reskin. much like the preorder briefcase.


Fly Eagles Fly I was at opening night

click to hear the eagles fight song



At what time will the game be downloadable you think ? More like 00:01 or 10:00 ?
Cause we’ll have at least 50Gb to download, meaning 4 hours of waiting at least.


We’re hoping for pre-load that is not confirmed yet.


Good for you. For me, that’ll be a full week, day and night !


I also hope , there is a reward for killing everyone on a mission.

kill all guards gets you a max score.


Haven’t decided whether I’ll be waiting for my buddy in Germany to get me an Amazon UK PC CE, or washing my hands of this whole mess and trimming my cuticles.


I shit you not, the moment from when that game installs on my PS4 I’ll be doing a 24 hour livestream on youtube. The next two days will also be spent in that room, on that tv, on that brilliantly awaited game.
I’m even advising people in advance not to schedule anything on for that weekend.


Sounds like theres going to be a few people washing with baby wipes for the first week of release :rofl::rofl:


Gonna be on a beach sipping some sort of tropical drink, hopefully reading through your glowing impressions :wink:


But…but… what’ll happen to the expansions?!! Just kidding


@Travis_IOI, this release date- Nov 9, what time zone is this?


Please don’t forget us Aussies downunder :australia: :heart:


Luckily I had the day off on my school schedule, yay! So I plan to play it as soon as is possible…I did the pre order so I’m not sure how that works cause I thought we were supposed to get access 4 days early? That’s the date I’m going on which would be nov 9th.


Only if you buy the Gold Edition, I believe.


Yup I got the ce so hopefully that should be g2g then


I can’t believe I’m waiting until Christmas to get Hitman 2!!!

It’s going to kill me :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Good choice of words.


Haha :joy: just realised what I put :joy:


How come bro??? I wouldn’t be able to do that haha