Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13


If everyone can post what version, system and plans for the opening weekend that be great. Example here are my plans.

  1. Collectors edition pre ordered gamestop fully paid 149.99 , I just gotta pick it up.
  2. Ps4

My Plans, To get the Game on 11/9 I’m hoping the store will be open midnight. I will be taking a week’s vacation from work lol to play a video game.

Now of course Cowboys and Eagles are playing in philly that Sunday 11/11 and I’ll be at that game.

All kinds of foods, Ribs, dogs, burgers were going all out.


I’m buying the standard version for PS4 on Playstation Store right after ended pre-order, I will download it at midnight (13/11) and start to play Hitman 2 when I wake up :blush:


I wonder if there will be any issue if players use the co op feature when someone has standard vs collectors as far as weapons and other stuff.


I’m pretty sure co op is just for the sniper missions and you can’t change weapons there, so it will not be a problem :grinning:.


I was thinking back to my halo 2 days, where catpuring the flag was always and issue playing with morons lol


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Which edition you getting?

  • Enough food to supply until i enjoy the full game: Check :ballot_box_with_check:

  • Enough power and internet: Check :ballot_box_with_check:

  • Master cooler for PC turned on 24/7: Check :ballot_box_with_check:

  • Powerade and other drinks to keep it up: Check :ballot_box_with_check:

  • New hard drive with enough space for the game, DLCs and screenshots/videos: Check :ballot_box_with_check:

  • Patience until release: x NONE :sweat_smile:



which edition and i wish we could ask the employees to release it now, I hate waiting


The edition that comes out a year from now


I’ll probably play Codename 47 and Contracts the whole weekend. I already bought HITMAN 2, right after they announced it lol


cool, and i had to go installments with the collectors edition 150 bucks is alot for a video game, wouldn’t suprised me if others did installements


Pre ordered gold edition. Got it delivered at home. Playing on PS4.


I have the Collector’s Edition on order via GameStop online, but I may switch to at local store (if that even makes a difference). If they will release it at 9pm like they did for Spider-Man then I’ll grab it then. May or may not take off that Friday as well.

I’ll spend the whole day playing more than likely. Maybe a few hours break to play Siege if my friends hop online otherwise all Hitman!


It takes a real piece of shit to come here to gloat about pirating a game over something that was never promised to you in any way and is all 100% work made way after Season 1 was well and truly finished.


there will probably bee some additional charge or future update or whatever and even though I dropped 150.00 for the collectors edition, if there is a future charge for whatever extra they create , I will have no problem paying for it.

they have produced a great product and deserve every penny.

I would love for them to take silent assassin and re do it with today’s hitman style. that be cool


I got the Gold Edition and the platform I’m playing on is PC. Also I’ve already told my plans here. :wink:


Oh I see. Yes, that’s why I bought the standard edition. I’ll buy the extra stuff later once it’s released, like I did with Season 1.


Booked the 9th of November off work, Ive pre-ordered the collectors edition so I may need to plant a GPS tracker on the postman the day before :rofl: as soon as it lands i’ll get it installed, change into my suit & red tie and play it all weekend solid!

Ive invested in a bell so everytime I need feeding and watering get the Mrs to tend to me :rofl: (joke)

Itll be an intense weekend of gaming that’s for sure! cant wait!